1st Edition

Performance in a Militarized Culture

Edited By Sara Brady, Lindsey Mantoan Copyright 2018
    354 Pages
    by Routledge

    354 Pages
    by Routledge

    The long cultural moment that arose in the wake of 9/11 and the conflict in the Middle East has fostered a global wave of surveillance and counterinsurgency. Performance in a Militarized Culture explores the ways in which we experience this new status quo. Addressing the most commonplace of everyday interactions, from mobile phone calls to traffic cameras, this edited collection considers:

    • How militarization appropriates and deploys performance techniques
    • How performing arts practices can confront militarization
    • The long and complex history of militarization
    • How the war on terror has transformed into a values system that prioritizes the military
    • The ways in which performance can be used to secure and maintain power across social strata

    Performance in a Militarized Culture draws on performances from North, Central, and South America; Europe; the Middle East; and Asia to chronicle a range of experience: from those who live under a daily threat of terrorism, to others who live with a distant, imagined fear of such danger.


    Sarah Bay-Cheng
    Performance in the Age of Intelligent Warfare

    Sara Brady
    Lindsey Mantoan

    In the Absence of the Gun: Performing Militarization


    I. Sites of Conflict

    Katherine Zien

    Mises-en-scène of Militarization: Decommissioning US Military Infrastructure in the Panama Canal Zone

    Alexis Bushnell

    Justine Nakase

    Military Aid: The Spatial Performances and Performativity of Contemporary Refugee Camps

    Eylül Fidan Akinci

    Sacred Children, Accursed Mothers: Performativities of Necropolitics and Mourning in Neoliberal Turkey

    Elin Nicholson

    Title: The Freedom Theatre and Cultural Resistance in Jenin, Palestine

    Bart Pitchford

    Tactical Performance Across a Revolutionary Timeline


    II. Militarized History and Memory

    Áine Sheil

    How to do Things with Music Criticism: Performances of Victory in German Wagner Reception, 1918–33

    Susanne Shawyer

    "Stop the War in Chicago Please": Performative Protest and the Limits of Dissensus

    Jessica Nakamura

    Choreographies of Militarized Space: US Military Bases, Everyday Life, and Performance in Okinawa, Japan

    Solveig Gade

    Reviving the Tradition of the Battle Painting: The Militarization of Danish Culture


    III. Performing the Soldier

    tyler boudreau

    Soldier Street Theatre

    Lindsey Mantoan

    No Easy Mission: Bin Laden, Exceptionalism, and Gendered Heroism in the Post-Heroic Age

    Sarah Beck
    Going Outside the Wire:

    Service Members as Documentary Subjects in Black Watch and


    Cami Rowe

    Challenging the Characterizations of Military Service: A Critical Comparison of British and American Counter-Recruitment Efforts

    Michael St. Clair

    Strategic Simulation and the American Military Imaginary

    Scott Magelssen

    Performing Flight: Test Pilots, Commercial Airlines, and the Cold War




    IV. The Militarization of the Everyday

    Lindsay Livingston

    Picking Up the Gun: Spectacular Performances of Firearm Ownership in the Long Civil Rights Movement

    Emily Klein

    Failure, Future Tense: Adaptation, Affect, and Apathy in American Theatre’s Militarized Dystopias

    Asher Warren

    Weaponized Bureaucracy: Kill-Chains, Drones, and Tethers

    Jacqueline Viskup
    Re-staging Surveillance Tragedy as Critical Resistance

    Kashif Powell

    The Time to Break (Silence): Disavowing the Affects of Militarization and Death through the Performance of Black Existence


    Wendy S. Hesford
    Constitutive Performance: Human Rights in a Militarized Culture


    Sara Brady is Associate Professor at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York (CUNY).

    Lindsey Mantoan is Assistant Professor at Linfield College.