1st Edition

Performance of Explosives and New Developments

Edited By Bibhu Mohanty, Vinay Kumar Singh Copyright 2013

    There is considerable scope for improving the outcome of any blasting operation through basic understanding and application of the principles of blasting science and technology. The main objective of Performance of Explosives and New Developments is to sensitize the practitioner to critically examine the various empirical approaches in blasting which may have been in use for a long time, but lack any sound material basis. On the other hand, where the empirical approaches have proven of value, significant additional improvement can be achieved through better understanding of the underlying process. None of the components involved in a blasting operation should be treated in isolation, as they are all interlinked. Fragmentation of rock by blasting represents the first stage in the size reduction process which is essential to extraction of valuable minerals and metals. Therefore, understanding the performance of the explosive and initiators under actual field conditions, and critical assessment of the blast results afterwards are central to effective blast design, improved productivity, and novel applications.

    Performance of Explosives and New Developments presents the state of the art on explosive energy, its utilization in blasting, and some new developments and innovative applications, and is aimed at academics and practitioners in the field.

    Organising Institution

    Energy and Performance

    Ideal detonation reaction concepts for blasting engineers
    M. Braithwaite

    Non-ideal detonation behavior in commercial explosives
    M. Braithwaite & G.J. Sharpe

    Comparisons of explosive performance measures in theory and practice
    E.J. Sellers

    Energetics and performance of modern commercial explosives
    B. Mohanty

    Boosters and Initiators

    The effect of booster size on vibration and airblast and on VODs
    M. Addy, T. Thomas & F. Korankye

    A technique for highly precise and safe delay detonator without primary explosive
    D. Jian-guo, M. Hong-hao & S. Zhao-wu

    Explosives initiation mode and blast performance
    M.P. Roy, P.K. Singh, A.K. Jha & D. Basu

    Studies into firing accuracy of some Indian permitted electric detonators
    S.K. Roy & R.R. Singh

    Explosives, Explosions and New Developments

    Detonation behavior of bulk emulsion explosive in water filled blast holes
    M. Pradhan & R.K. Jade

    Experimental research on thermal decomposition character of new coal permitted water gel explosive
    Y. Shi-long, R. Dong-mei & W. Hong-bo

    Study and performance of low density emulsion explosive
    A.K. Singh, B.M.P. Pingua, Nabiullah, M.K. Panda & S. Akhtar

    PANFO: A novel low-density dry bulk explosive
    G. Silva & C.P. Orlandi

    Underground cavern excavation using underground bulk explosives—an Indian case study
    A.K. Mishra, K.V.R. Rao, B.E. Rao & D. Joshi

    Modeling buried explosion in geotechnical centrifuge
    X. Liang, Y. Fan, Y. Hou & Y. Yang

    Surface coal mines blasting with ANFO in India—a way forward
    S.R. Sahay, J.S. Mani, S. Kumar & S. Sengar

    Causes of explosion in a bulk emulsion explosive plant
    B.M.P. Pingua & Nabiullah

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    Bibhu Mohanty, Vinay Kumar Singh