192 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    192 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines the enactment of gendered in/equalities across diverse Cultural forms, turning to the insights produced through the specific modes of onto-epistemological enquiry of embodied performance. It builds on work from the GRACE (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe) project and offers both theoretical and methodological analyses of an array of activities and artworks. The performative manifestations discussed include theatre, installations, social movements, mega-events, documentaries, and literary texts from multiple geopolitical locales. Engaging with the key concepts of re-enactment and relationality, the contributions explore the ways in which in/equalities are relationally re-produced in and through individual and collective bodies. This multi- and trans-disciplinary collection of essays creates fruitful dialogues within and beyond Performance Studies, sitting at the crossroads of ethnography, event studies, social movements, visual studies, critical discourse analysis, and contemporary approaches to textualities emerging from post-colonial and feminist studies.

    1 Performing Cultures of Equality: Embodiments, Visualities, Inscriptions

    Emilia María Durán-Almarza, Carla Rodríguez-González, and Suzanne Clisby

    PART I Embodying (In)Equalities

    2 Honey Pot Performance’s Black Feminist Praxis: Embodiments of Collaboration and Collectivity

    Meida Teresa McNeal

    3 The Performance of Black Young Masculinity in Bola Agbaje’s and Mojisola Adebayo’s Council-Estate Plays

    Paola Prieto López

    4 Art’s Political Potential and the Violence That the Art Does. On the Performative Operations of Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Guests (2016)

    Dorota Golańska and Aleksandra M. Różalska

    Part II Visualizing (In)Equalities

    5 Tinted Visions: Performing Equalities Through Festive Decorations in LGBT-Themed Events in Hull (UK City of Culture 2017)

    Barbara Grabher

    6 Social Media Reverberations of Feminist Assemblies: Reflections After Non una di meno’s Verona transfemminista Rally

    Tomasso Trillò

    7 Gender-Based Violence and the Performance of Masculinity: A Comparative Analysis of the Documentary Films Ma l’amore c’entra? and Serás hombre

    Orianna Calderón Sandoval and Adelina Sánchez Espinosa

    PART III Inscribing (In)Equalities

    8 Strangers, Persisters, and Killjoys: Confronting Gender Inequality through Performance Poetry

    Esther Álvarez López

    9 Imperialism’s Performative Technologies: Race, Gender, and Wearable Devices in Aliette De Bodard’s ‘Immersion’

    Eleanor Drage

    10 Figures of a Gender Now upon Us: The Transfeminine in Contemporary Queer Fiction from the Philippines

    Jaya Jacobo


    Emilia María Durán-Almarza is Senior Lecturer of English in the Department of English, French and Germa Studies at the University of Oviedo.

    Carla Rodríguez González is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, French and German Studies at the University of Oviedo.

    Suzanne Clisby is Professor of Gender Studies in the Centre for Global Learning (GLEA) at Coventry University, Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Global Gender and Cultures of Equality (GlobalGRACE) Project (2017-2021), and Co-Editor of the Journal of Gender Studies.