1st Edition

Perinatal Biochemistry

By Emilio Herrera, Robert H. Knopp Copyright 1992

    Intrauterine development and birth constitute an uninterrupted sequence of events that have a molecular physiologic background. Perinatal Biochemistry presents a comprehensive review of this subject. Specific topics addressed include maternal metabolism during pregnancy, maternal insulin resistance, embryonic and fetal metabolism and fuel consumption, the fetal pancreas, growth factors, brain metabolism, and biochemical adaptations to early extrauterine life. The book will be useful to biochemists and physiologists interested in perinatology; clinicians working in areas related to maternal health, gestational development, and delivery; gynecologists, neonatologists; pediatricians; endocrinologists; and internists.

    Carbohydrate-Lipid Interactions in Pregnancy (E. Herrera, M.A. Lasunción, A. Martín, and A. Zorzano). Lipoprotein Metabolism in Pregnancy (R.H. Knopp, B. Bonet, M.A. Lasuncion, A. Montelongo, and E. Herrera). Maternal Aminoacid Metabolism During Pregnancy (J. Verhaeghe and F.A. Van Assche). Insulin Resistance in Pregnancy (A. Zorzano, M. Palacin, and X. Testar). Palcental Nutrient Metabolism and Transport (W.W. Hay, Jr.). Growth, Differentiation, and Energy Metabolism in Embryos of Various Gestational Ages (U.J. Eriksson). Fuel Metabolism in the Fetus (A. Ktorza and P. Ferre). Structural and Biochemical Maturation of the Fetal Endocrine Pancreas (C. Hellerström, A. Andersson, and S. Sandler). Fetal Growth Factors (P.A. Gruppuso, T.R. Curran, and R.I. Bahner, Jr.). Nutrient Metabolism and Fetal Brain Development (G.E. Shambaugh III, B.E. Metzger, and J. Radosevich). Biochemical Adaptations to Early Extrauterine Life (J.M. Medina, C. Vicario, M.C. Juanes, and E. Fernández).


    Emelio Herrera and Robert H. Knopp