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Persistent Questions of the Past: The Hamilton College Winslow Lectureship Series in Archaeology

About the Series

Persistent Questions of the Past is designed to foster transformative archaeological research through intensive collaboration and exploration of persistent questions from a global perspective. The series addresses important questions relevant to archaeologists no matter their regional or methodological specialty, on themes that remain central for understanding the human experience today. 

Each volume is developed through a multi-day workshop at Hamilton College where scholars focused exclusively on the issue at hand and were provided the opportunity to engage in critical reflection of key concepts and assumptions, and to generate new insights into the past that reflect upon issues of global significance. Persistent Questions of the Past, published by Routledge, is supported by the Winslow Lectureship Series at Hamilton College.

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Archaeology of Households, Kinship, and Social Change

Archaeology of Households, Kinship, and Social Change

1st Edition


Edited By Lacey B. Carpenter, Anna Marie Prentiss
November 16, 2021

Archaeology of Households, Kinship, and Social Change offers new perspectives on the processes of social change from the standpoint of household archaeology. This volume develops new theoretical and methodological approaches to the archaeology of households pursuing three critical themes: household...

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