1st Edition

Person Memory (PLE: Memory) The Cognitive Basis of Social Perception

    330 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    318 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Originally published in 1980, this title came about after many late night discussions between the authors during a 3-week workshop on Mathematical Approaches to Person Perception in 1974. In subsequent meetings a mutual interest emerged in the development of cognitive information processing metaphors for human thought and their application to problems of social perception, memory and judgment. Within the context of modern research on social cognition, the most distinctive aspects of the authors’ work was its empirical focus on how people cognitively represent people in memory, and its theoretical emphasis on models of cognitive organization and process. They concluded that an adequate theory of social memory was the necessary foundation for solutions to many questions concerning social perception and judgment that had dominated the 1974 workshop. This volume summarizes work conducted between 1974 and 1979 on social memory by these authors.

    In addition to six chapters summarizing individual research programs, the volume includes a general introduction and a concluding theoretical integration.

    Preface.  1. Reid Hastie and Donal Carlston Theoretical Issues in Person Memory  2. Thomas M. Ostrom, John H. Lingle, John B. Pryor and Nehemia Geva Cognitive Organization of Person Impressions  3. Donal E. Carlston Events, Inferences, and Impression Formation  4. David L. Hamilton, Lawrence B. Katz and Von O. Leirer Organizational Processes in Impression Formation  5. Reid Hastie Memory for Behavioral Information that Confirms or Contradicts a Personality Impression  6. Ebbe B. Ebbesen Cognitive Processes in Understanding Ongoing Behavior  7. Robert S. Wyer, Jr. and Thomas K. Srull The Processing of Social Stimulus Information: A Conceptual Integration.  Author Index.  Subject Index.


    Reid Hastie, Thomas Ostrom, Ebbe Ebbesen, Robert Wyer, David Hamilton, Donal Cariston