1st Edition

Personal Carbon Trading

Edited By Yael Parag, Tina Fawcett Copyright 2010

    Personal carbon trading is rapidly moving up the political agenda as recognition grows of its potential to address urgent issues of climate change and natural resource use. Under personal carbon trading schemes a carbon allowance would be allocated to each individual, to be used and traded in the same way as in national and international carbon trading schemes. This volume presents the latest research on personal carbon trading at different scales - from the effects on the individual, communities and organisations, to its place in national, EU (including the EU ETS) and global policy landscapes. It presents key research on the economic and policy barriers and implications, and will be essential reading for anyone involved in emissions trading research or policymaking.

    PCT at EU and International Level 1. Personal Carbon Trading in the Context of the EU Emission Trading Scheme 2. PCT in Different National Contexts PCT at a National Level 3. The Economics of Personal Carbon Trading: a Review 4. The Interaction of Existing and Proposed Economic Instruments and Personal Carbon Trading Schemes 5. Barriers to Personal Carbon Trading in the Policy Arena 6. Policing Carbon: Design and Enforcement Options for Personal Carbon Trading PCT and Individuals, Communities and Organisations 7. Effects of Personal Carbon Allowances on Decision-Making: Evidence from an Experimental Simulation 8. Social Acceptability of Personal Carbon Allowances: Findings from a Mixed-method Study PCT Variants - Brief Contributions 9a. Upstream, Downstream 9b. An Upstream Alternative to Personal Carbon Trading


    Yael Parag and Tina Fawcett are both based at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.