1st Edition

Personal Causation The Internal Affective Determinants of Behavior

By R. de Charms Copyright 1983

    First published in 1983. This book is primarily intended to make a theoretical contribution, to suggest a somewhat novel way of approaching the problems of human motivation, to break from tradition. The aim of this work is to stimulate the reader to think on a broad scale about big problems and to temper these thoughts with the detailed facts of empirical investigations.

    PART I BASIC PROBLEMS AND PRESUPPOSITIONS Chapter 1. Some Basic Problems of Motivation Chapter 2. Some Philosophical Presuppositions PART II AFFECT, STIMULATION AND BEHAVIOR Chapter 3. Affect and Stimulation I: Theoretical Problems Chapter 4. Affect and Stimulation II: Specific Modern Applications Chapter 5. The Acquisition of Affective Relationships PART III THOUGHT SAMPLING AND ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION Chapter 6. Thoughts, Actions, and Achievement Motivation Chapter 7. Achievement Motivation Training Courses PART IV PERSONAL CAUSATION Chapter 8. Motivation, Objectivity, and Personal Causation Chapter 9. The Attribution Process and Inferred Motivation Chapter 10. Personal Causation and the Internal Determinants of Behavior Chapter 11. We Can Know More Than We Can Tell


    Richard de Charms Washington University St Louis, Missouri