1st Edition

Personality and Reality A Proof of the Real Existence of a Supreme Self in the Universe

By J. E. Turner Copyright 1926

    First published in 1926, Personality and Reality is the analysis of the place and function of mind and God. The author argues that the conception of a supreme Self is required for the interpretation of the Universe, just like the requirement of the system of space and time; and that both conceptions are established by necessities. This book will be of interest to students of philosophy, religion, literature and science.

    Preface 1. The General Attributes of Reality 2. Personality as Definite and Persistent 3. The Basis of the Unity of Selfhood 4. Personality and the Real Whole 5. The Self as a Dominant Real 6. The Implication of the Advancing Dominance of Selfhood 7. Mechanism as Essential to the Dominance of Mine 8. Automatic Mechanism and Design 9. Mechanism and the Supreme Self 10. The Supreme Self and the Absolute 11. Mechanism and Beauty, Creation, Freedom Index


    J. E. Turner