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    Bringing together proponents and opponents of the Strategic Defense Initiative, this book includes original essays by leading experts on every aspect of the issue. The collection provides a valuable introduction to the many complex questions involved in any serious consideration of the SDI. The contributors explore such issues as the strategic impl

    Foreword -- Preface -- Part One -- Looking Back: Strategic Defense and US National Security -- SDI: A Personal Vision -- The Case Against SDI -- SDI: Why It Is Important -- The SDI Debate: A Critic’s Perspective -- SDI’s Impact on US-Soviet Relations -- Five Fallacies of SDI -- The Soviet Union’s View of SDI -- The Technical Feasibility of SDI -- The Technical (In)feasibility of SDI -- Why SDI Can and Must Be Done -- Strategic Defenses and Future US Defense Strategy -- SDI and US Nuclear Doctrine -- SDI: A European View -- SDI and the European Defense Debate -- West Germany and SDI -- Canada and the Future of Strategic Defense -- The Pros and Cons of Strategic Defense: Discussions at the Virginia Military Institute -- Part Two -- Address on the Strategic Defense Initiative -- SDI, Arms Control, and Stability: Toward a New Synthesis -- SDI: Progress and Promise -- Reykjavik Summit: The American View -- Department of Defense News Briefing Following the Reykjavik Summit -- Defence and Security in the Nuclear Age: The British View -- Britain and the Strategic Defense Intitiative -- Press Conference on the Strategic Defense Initiative -- Reykjavik Summit: The Soviet View -- Space-Strike Arms and International Security -- The National Pledge of Non-Participation: A Boycott of SDI Research -- Appeal by American Scientists to Ban Space Weapons -- The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty


    Steven W. Guerrier is assistant professor of military and diplomatic history at the Virginia Military Institute. Wayne C. Thompson is associate professor of political science at the Virginia Military Institute and specializes in European politics.