1st Edition

Perspectives on Accounting and Finance in China (RLE Accounting)

Edited By John Blake, Simon Gao Copyright 1995
    394 Pages
    by Routledge

    394 Pages
    by Routledge

    The rush of entrepreneurial activity in China has been watched with interest by the financial world. This book, the result of an international symposium on Chinese accounting and financial management, assesses the little-known accounting scene in China which up until 1978 remained behind closed doors.

    Divided into four sections, the volume covers:

    • Chinese perspectives on accounting
    • the business and financial structure of China, including the re-emergence of a Chinese stock market
    • the regulatory framework of accounting in China and comparisons with international accounting standards;
    • the impact of current reforms in Chinese accounting practice
    • the emergence of a new accounting profession in China.

    The concluding chapter provides an overview of the cultural context of the reforms which took place in the 1990s. By using comparisons with other Asian countries’ accounting systems, like Taiwan, the contributors to the volume give an analysis of the state of accountancy in China during the 1990s.

    @contents:List of Figures. List of Tables. Part 1: Introduction 1. A Chinese Perspective on International Variations in Accounting J. D. Blake 2. Accounting in China: Developments and Opportunities Y.W. Tang, B. J. Cooper and P. Leung Part 2: Business and Financial Structure 3. Joint Venture Legislation in China B. Z. Shi, D. G. Woodward and F. A. Fretwell-Downing 4. Corporate Investment in China: More Problems than Solutions? B. C. F. Liu and D. G. Woodward 5. Chinese and Western Stock Markets: International Influences and Development D. E. Ayling and Z. Jiang 6. Re-emergence of the Chinese Stock Market R. Brayshaw and Z.Teng 7. Current Financial Problems and Reforms in China D. B. K. Hwang and Q. Tang Part 3: Developments in Accounting Regulation 8. Developments in Accounting Regulation W. Liu and I. A. Eddie 9. The New Accounting Standard in China: A Critical Analysis M. Aiken, W. Lu and X.-D. Ji 10. The Chinese Approach to Accounting Standards and A Conceptual Framework J. Z. Z. Xiao and A. Pan 11. A Comparison of International and Chinese Accounting Standards Z. Liu and S. Turley Part 4: Developments in Accounting Practice 12. The Development of the Computerization of Accounting in Contemporary China J. Chen and D. C. Yang 13. Accounting Research in China R. F. Carroll and F. Liu 14. The Trend of Accounting Reform in China: Issue and Environment M. C. Ren, D. Alexander and M. Kedlsie 15. Chinese Accounting Reform: Reasons and Effects R. W. Scapens and Z. Hao Part 5: Developments in the Accounting Profession 16. China’s CPA Examination: Preparing for the Expanding Profession P. L.L. Mo, W. H. Tam, G. M. C. Lui and C. M. Y. Shum 17. Accounting Education and Practice in China: Perceived Problems and Solutions S. Gao 18. The Auditing System in China and the UK: A Critical Comparison H. G Chong and G. Vinten Part 6: An Overview 19. Accounting in China: A Case of Vanishing Cultural Influence M. A. van Hoepen Index.


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