1st Edition

Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    Demographic and epidemiological changes mean that frail older people have come to be seen as an expensive problem for health care systems. The challenge for professionals and policy-makers is to find ways to respond to the coming crisis by delivering high-quality care in the home. This collection offers a critical analysis of home care policy and practice. It focuses on how high-quality care is provided and the practices and policies that support this. It offers case studies (both policy- and practice-oriented empirical studies) from countries that share a basic orientation to social welfare: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The nine chapters set out a critical agenda for the development of "good" practices in challenging times. This book is essential reading for students, practitioners and researchers who wish to understand diverse problems in care provision for frail older persons and the complexities of policy responses in different health and social care contexts.

    Foreword: Illness is a Plural: Home Care, Governmentality and Reframing the Work of Patienthood  Carl May  Introduction: Home, Care, Practice: Changing Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People  Christine Ceci, Kristín Björnsdóttir and Mary Ellen Purkis  Section I: Home  1. Aging, Independence and Community  Mary Ellen Purkis  2. Homecare and Frail Older People: Relational Extension and the Art of Dwelling  Joanna Latimer  3. Homes for Care: Reconfiguring Care Relations and Practices  Isabel Dyck and Kim England  Section II: Care  4. ‘To Work Out What Works Best’: What is Good in Home Care?  Christine Ceci  5. Bringing It All Back Home: The (Re)Domestication And (De)Medicalization of Care in the UK  Davina Allen  6. Assisting the Frail Elderly to Live a Good Life Through Home Care Practice  Kristín Björnsdóttir  Section III: Practices  7. Who Can Be Against Quality? A New Story About Home-Based Care: NPM and Governmentality  Hanne Marlene Dahl  8. Creating Home Care Recipients: Using Categorization as a Tool in Home Care Case Management  Anna Olaison  9. The Making of Medico-Managerial Care Work Culture in Public Home Care for the Elderly  Lea Henriksson and Sirpa Wrede


    Kristin Björnsdóttir is Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, School of Health Sciences at the University of Iceland, Iceland.

    Christine Ceci is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, Canada.

    Mary Ellen Purkis is Dean and Professor in the Faculty of Human and Social Development at University of Victoria, Canada.

    "Ceci et al. bring together nine essays on home-based supportive care and services for frail older people, focusing on the questions of how people's daily lives relate to ideological, practice, and programmatic discourses and conditions, and what the conditions of possibility for care are where the frailties of older people matter, as well as the state's role. Writing from the perspective of patients, policy makers, and workers, a group of nursing, social sciences, aging, and other researchers from Europe and North America discusses topics such as accommodations that can be made to enhance independent living, home and care in terms of relational extension and the art of dwelling, the concept of home and space, a study of the practices of case managers to understand what "good" care is, the implications of care policies in European countries, how hospital staff mediate opportunities for patients to return to their homes, establishing standards for service provision and ensuring accountability for public funds, the cost of these public services, using categories to aid in case management, and specific practices in the UK, Canada, and Iceland."—Book News