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Perspectives on Death and Dying

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The Final Transition

The Final Transition

1st Edition

By Richard A. Kalish
June 15, 1985

This text is not just another reader on death, but rather a carefully developed book, created specifically for those persons whose major interests are either death education, death counseling, or, of course, both. The audience which this book addresses include: persons who have had either ...

Death, Dying, Transcending Views from Many Cultures

Death, Dying, Transcending: Views from Many Cultures

1st Edition

By Richard A Kalish
June 15, 1980

Every living thing must die, but only human beings know it. This knowledge can bring to the living, anxiety and despair or new richness and meaning. This volume explores the problems and possibilities of coping with this universal experience....

Caring Relationships The Dying and the Bereaved

Caring Relationships: The Dying and the Bereaved

1st Edition

Edited By Richard A Kalish
June 15, 1980

Just as everyone must die, almost everyone will deal with death among close friends or loved ones. This collection explores the often difficult issues of human relationships with the dying, as well as the many stresses and burdens faced by the survivors....

On Death without Dignity The Human Impact of Technological Dying

On Death without Dignity: The Human Impact of Technological Dying

1st Edition

By David Wendell Moller
August 14, 2018

Candidly written, ""On Death Without Dignity: The Human Impact of Technological Dying"", attempts to re-humanize the inevitable biological occurrence called dying. It is Moller's view that through the advancement of medicalized technology, has come the demise of the contemporary dying process. The ...

Coping with the Final Tragedy Cultural Variation in Dying and Grieving

Coping with the Final Tragedy: Cultural Variation in Dying and Grieving

1st Edition

By David R. Counts, Dorothy Ayers Counts
June 15, 1991

This book as a whole emphasizes common concerns shared by all humanity while the volume chapters emphasize various cultural diversities, and the remarkable varieties in the ways that people understood and experience death and grief. The articles in this new text demonstrate these differences and ...

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