1st Edition

Perspectives on Software Documentation Inquiries and Innovations

By Thomas Barker Copyright 1991

    This book is designed to address the randomness of the literature on software documentation. As anyone interested in software documentation is aware, the field is highly synthetic; information about software documentation may be found in engineering, computer science training, technical communication, management, education and so on. "Perspectives on Software Documentation" contains a variety of perspectives, all tied together by the shared need to make software products more usable.

    Introduction: Research Sources in Software Documentation Thomas T. Barker

    Education and Research
    Prologue for Teaching Software Documentation Henrietta Nickels Shirk

     Style and Software Documentation: A Central Concern Cynthia L. Selfe

    The Influence of Cognitive Science
     A Schematic Approach to User Knowledge and Software Documentation Production Jay Lieberman

     Cognitive Writing: A New Approach to Organizing Technical Material Paula Bell

    Issues of Design
     Software Documentation and Human-Factors Design Joe Chew

     The Hidden Effects of Computer Engineering on User Documentation Andrew Oram

     Problems of Form in Software Documentation Nancy E. Cohen

     Managing Software Documentation
     Building and Managing a Documentation Project Team D. Michael Willoughby

     Side-by-Side: A Model for Simultaneous Documentation and System Development Doann Houghton-Alico

     Automated Documentation: A Complete Cycle Helen D. Klein

    Improving the Quality of Software Documentation
     Process Implementation—The Key to Quality Documentation Scott E. Hubbard

     Information Product Testing: An Integral Part of Information Development Roger A. Grice and Lenore S. Ridgway

    Software Documentation of the Future—Online
     Writing and Editing Online Information Marlene C. Semple

     Online Reference System Design and Development Bruno Petrauskas






    Thomas T Barker (Author)