2nd Edition

Persuasive Communication How Audiences Decide

By Richard Young Copyright 2017
    480 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    480 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This updated and expanded edition of Persuasive Communication offers a comprehensive introduction to persuasion and real-world decision making. Drawing on empirical research from social psychology, neuroscience, business communication research, cognitive science, and behavioral economics, Young reveals the thought processes of many different audiences—from investors to CEOs—to help students better understand why audiences make the decisions they make and how to influence them.

    The book covers a broad range of communication techniques, richly illustrated with compelling examples, including resumes, speeches, and slide presentations, to help students recognize persuasive methods that do, and do not, work. A detailed analysis of the emotions and biases that go into decision making arms students with perceptive insights into human behavior and helps them apply this understanding with various decision-making aids. Students will learn how to impact potential employers, clients, and other audiences essential to their success.

    This book will prove fascinating to many, and especially useful for students of persuasion, rhetoric, and business communication.

    Part I: Understanding Rational Decision Making  1. Audience Decision-Making Expertise  2. Types of Audience Decisions  3. Cognitive Processes in Audience Decision Making  4. Aids to Audience Decision Making  Part II: Understanding Intuitive Decision Making  5. Heuristics and Biases in Audience Decision Making  6. Person Perception in Audience Decision Making Part III: Understanding Emotional Decision Making  7. Emotions in Audience Decision Making


    Richard O. Young is a Professor of Management Communication at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

    'Richard Young’s new edition of Persuasive Communication will be the standard reference work on the subject of rhetorical choices in decision-making processes for years to come. The empirical data from evidence-based research, including original cognitive models of rational, intuitive, and emotional decision-making give this second edition added value to students and practitioners in the field of Managerial Communication. It will be our required reference in all our Managerial Communication courses.' - Frank Jaster, Tulane University, USA

    'Richard Young’s book is the most insightful work I’ve read on 'audience' in years. Typically audience analysis is taught by considering demographic data, the nature of relationships, and content relevance. These types of analyses do not penetrate what it means to 'get inside the heads' of those one needs to persuade. Richard’s book tackles this challenge adroitly.' - Priscilla S. Rogers, University of Michigan, USA

    'Richard O. Young has written the go-to resource for anyone interested in audience-centered communication. In the revised edition, Young pulls together diverse threads of research and provides numerous real world examples. Ultimately, this book will help students as well as seasoned professionals achieve their communication objectives with business audiences.' - Ronald J. Placone, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    'Persuasive Communication exemplifies Richard Young's intellectual commitments: it draws deeply from research in cognitive psychology, it reflects the importance that rhetorical scholars give to audience analysis, and it illustrates the real-world situations that communicators in business settings will face.' - Davida Charney, University of Texas, Austin, USA