1st Edition

Pet Loss, Grief, and Therapeutic Interventions Practitioners Navigating the Human-Animal Bond

Edited By Lori Kogan, Phyllis Erdman Copyright 2020
    354 Pages
    by Routledge

    354 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book recognizes and legitimizes the significance of pet and animal loss by exploring the various expressions of trauma and grief experienced by those who work with, live with, or own an animal or pet.

    The chapters of Pet Loss, Grief, and Therapeutic Interventions weave together cutting-edge research with best practices and practical clinical advice for working with grieving clients. Beginning with an overview of the human–animal bond, the book guides readers through the many facets of pet loss, including topics such as animal hospice and euthanasia, offering a comprehensive account of one of the field’s most rapidly emerging areas. Designed to help mental health professionals support clients coping with pet loss, the collection explores personal narratives, current theories, up-to-date research, and future directions.

    This unique and comprehensive book will be of interest to students, clinicians, academicians, and researchers in the fields of counseling, psychology, and social work.


    Part I: Foundation and Theory

    1.      The Eternal Bond: Understanding the Importance of the Human–Animal Bond and its Impact on Pet Loss (By Aubrey H. Fine)

    Part II: Lifespan

    2.      Children’s Experiences of Pet Loss and Separation: A Child Development Framework (By Gail F. Melson)

    3.      Adolescence, Pet Loss, Grief, and Therapeutic Interventions (By Clarissa M. Uttley)

    4.      Pet Parents and the Loss of Attachment (By Shelly Volsche)

    5.      Pet Loss in Older Adulthood (By Jessica Bibbo)

    Part III: Special populations

    6.      Helping Veterinary Professionals with Grief and Loss (By Maria Gore, Erin Allen, Gail Bishop)

    7.      Loss and Grief in Animal-Care Agents (By Angela K. Fournier & Brandon Mustful)

    8.      Prison Populations and Pet Loss (By Amy Johnson & Laura Bruneau)

    9.      Grieving without a Home: Homelessness and the Loss of an Animal (By Christine Kim)

    10.  The loss of a pet: Cultural Perspectives on Cross-Species Grief and Healing (By Yvonne Smith & Amalia Golomb-Leavitt)

    Part IV: Special animal populations

    11.  Grieving the Equine Companion: Implications for Mental Healthcare Practitioners (By Katy Schroeder)

    12.  Separation from Assistance Dogs: The Complicated Psychological Burden During Loss of the Relationship (By Mariko Yamamoto & Lynette A. Hart)

    13.  Supporting Bereaved Clients After the Death of An Assistance Dog (By Cara Miller)

    14.  Helping Clients Cope with Grief Associated with Euthanasia for Behavior Problems (By Emma K. Grigg & Tammy McCormick Donaldson)


    Part V: Special topics

    15.  Grieving Pet Loss: The Unique Experience of Bereaved Pet Owners (By Phyllis Erdman & Kathy Ruby)

    16.  Helping Clients Prepare for Pet Loss (By Erin R. Allen & Maria Gore)

    17.  Hospice and Palliative Care for Pets: A Primer for Mental Health Professionals (By Katherine Goldberg )

    18.  Therapeutic Continuing Bond Interventions with Bereaved Companion Animal Owners (By Cori Bussolari & Wendy Packman)

    19.  Animal Loss and Interprofessional Practice:  A Primer in “Boundary Spanning” for Mental Health Professionals (By Jeannine Moga)



    Lori Kogan is Professor of Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University, US.

    Phyllis Erdman is Professor of Counseling and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Education, Washington State University, US.