1st Edition

Petascale Computing Algorithms and Applications

Edited By David A. Bader Copyright 2008
    620 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    620 Pages 157 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Although the highly anticipated petascale computers of the near future will perform at an order of magnitude faster than today’s quickest supercomputer, the scaling up of algorithms and applications for this class of computers remains a tough challenge. From scalable algorithm design for massive concurrency toperformance analyses and scientific visualization, Petascale Computing: Algorithms and Applications captures the state of the art in high-performance computing algorithms and applications. Featuring contributions from the world’s leading experts in computational science, this edited collection explores the use of petascale computers for solving the most difficult scientific and engineering problems of the current century.

    Covering a wide range of important topics, the book illustrates how petascale computing can be applied to space and Earth science missions, biological systems, weather prediction, climate science, disasters, black holes, and gamma ray bursts. It details the simulation of multiphysics, cosmological evolution, molecular dynamics, and biomolecules. The book also discusses computational aspects that include the Uintah framework, Enzo code, multithreaded algorithms, petaflops, performance analysis tools, multilevel finite element solvers, finite element code development, Charm++, and the Cactus framework.

    Supplying petascale tools, programming methodologies, and an eight-page color insert, this volume addresses the challenging problems of developing application codes that can take advantage of the architectural features of the new petascale systems in advance of their first deployment.

    Performance Characteristics of Potential Petascale Scientific Applications. Petascale Computing: Impact on Future NASA Missions. Multiphysics Simulations and Petascale Computing. Scalable Parallel AMR for the Uintah Multi-Physics Code. Simulating Cosmological Evolution with Enzo. Numerical Prediction of High-Impact Local Weather: A Driver for Petascale Computing. Software Design for Petascale Climate Science. Toward Distributed Petascale Computing. Biomolecular Modeling in the Era of Petascale Computing. Petascale Special-Purpose Computer for Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Simulating Biomolecules on the Petascale Supercomputers. Multithreaded Algorithms for Processing Massive Graphs. Disaster Survival Guide in Petascale Computing: An Algorithmic Approach. The Road to TSUBAME and Beyond. Petaflops Basics—Performance from SMP Building Blocks. Performance and Its Complexity on Petascale Systems. Highly Scalable Performance Analysis Tools. Toward Petascale Multilevel Finite Element Solvers. A Hybrid Approach to Efficient Finite Element Code Development. Programming Petascale Applications with Charm++. Annotations for Productivity and Performance Portability. Locality Awareness in a High-Productivity Programming Language. Architectural and Programming Issues for Sustained Petaflop Performance. Cactus Framework: Black Holes to Gamma Ray Bursts.


    David A. Bader