1st Edition

Peter Berger and the Study of Religion

    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    Peter Berger is the most influential contemporary sociologist of religion. This collection of essays is the first in-depth study of his contribution to the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to his work and to current thought in the study of religion. Themes addressed include:
    * Berger on religion and theology
    * Religion, spirituality and the discontents of modernity
    * Secularization and de-secularization
    A postscript by Peter Berger, responding to the essays, completes this overview of this major figure's work.

    Introduction Constructivism or Confucianism?, Linda Woodhead; Part 1 Berger on religion and theology; Chapter 1 Berger: an appreciation, DavidMartin; Chapter 2 Berger and his collaborator(s), ThomasLuckmann; Chapter 3 Berger: theology and sociology, Gary Dorrien; Part 2 Religion, spirituality and the discontents of modernity; Chapter 4 Homeless minds today?, Paul Heelas, Linda Woodhead; Chapter 5 A New Age theodicy for a new age, Colin Campbell; Part 3 Secularization and Sacralization; Chapter 6 The curious case of the unnecessary recantation: Berger and secularization, Steve Bruce; Chapter 7 The persistence of institutional religion in modern Europe, Grace Davie; Chapter 8 The twofold limit of the notion of secularization, Danièle Hervieu-Léger; Part 4 Signals of transcendence; Chapter 9 Berger’s vision in retrospect, Richard K. Fenn; Chapter 10 Berger and New Testament Studies, David G. Horrell; Chapter 11 Berger’s anthropological theology; Chapter 12 Postscript, PeterBerger;


    Linda Woodhead is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Lancaster University. She is the editor of Routledge’s forthcoming Religion in theModern World and editor (with Paul Heelas) of Religion in Modern Times:An Interpretive Anthology (2000)., Paul Heelas is Professor in Religion and Modernity at Lancaster University., David Martin is a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the London School of Economics.

    'For those who rejoice in the building of bridges between academic enquiry and Christian faith it offers a good deal of encouragement and food for thought.' - John Wolffe

    'I found this an exhilarating book to read, not least because of the wealth of biographical material which helps to locate Berger for those who know him only through his writing ... It is the first in-depth study of Berger's contribution to the study of religion...' - Duncan MacLaren, King's College, London, Journal of Beliefs and Values

    'This volume ... makes an important contribution to the field in general and will be appreciated not only by fans of Berger's work, but by all students involved in the academic/scientific study of religion(s).' - Donald Wiebe, Reviews in Religion and Theology

    'The book clearly provides an authoritative discussion of the significance of Berger's work for the contemporary study of religion ... the collection will be a very useful addition to the reading lists of any courses exploring the sociology of Western religion.' - Gordon Lynch, Journal of Contemporary Religion