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    A polymath and prolific writer, Peter F. Drucker has published influential books across seven decades. Taking a humanistic approach to management, he emphasises that it is people who create business, which in turn means that they have a crucial role in modern society.

    This collection gathers together key material to enable students and researchers to explore the impact of Drucker’s ideas. Also included is a new introduction by the editors and an annotated bibliography to create a unique and indispensable resource for both student and scholar alike.

    Introduction (John C. Wood & Michael C. Wood)

    An Abbreviated Bibliography (Roberta A. Cowan)

    Part 1: Drucker: the man and his philosophy

    1. The Philosophical Framework of Peter F. Drucker (Tony H. Bonaparte)

    2. The Living Legacy of Peter Drucker (Theodore Levitt)

    3. Drucker: The unsolved puzzle

    4. A Cantankerous Interview with Peter Schwartz and Kevin Kelly (Peter Schwartz and Kevin Kelly)

    5. The Practice of Management: timeless views and principles)

    6. 'Semper Simplex' - Drucker's contribution coefficient (William R. Dill)

    Part 2: Management

    7. Peter Drucker and Japanese Management (Susumu Takamiya)

    8. Why Read Peter Drucker (Alan M. Kantrow)

    9. Management by Objectives: as developed by Peter Drucker, assisted by Harold Smiddy (Ronald G. Greenwood)

    10. What is Business Ethics: A reply to Peter Drucker (W. Michael Hoffman & Jennifer Mills Moore)

    11. A Dissenting View of MBO (David Halpern & Stephen Osoesky)

    12. The Guru Game (Jay Stuller)

    13. The Theory of Business (T. Kippenberger)

    14. The Unfashionable Drucker: Ethical and quality chic (James S. Bowman & Dennis L. Wittmer)

    15. Special Issue Symposium on the Contributions of Peter Drucker to Management, part one (James A. Gazell)

    16. Managerial Harmony: the Confucian ethics of Peter F. Drucker (Edward J. Romar)

    Part 3: Drucker and Government

    17. Peter F. Drucker and Decentralised Administration of The Federal Government (James A. Gazell)

    18. The Federal Government and Public Management: The Druckerian approach (Donald C. Dahlin)

    19. Can Elephants Fly? Drucker and governmental reform (Charles Garofalo)

    20. Drucker on Effective Public Management (James A. Gazell)

    21. If Apples Were Oranges: the public/nonprofit/business nexus in Peter Drucker's work (Mary E. Guy & Janice R. Hitchcock)

    Part 4: Drucker and Information

    22. Drucker as Historian of Technological Change (Melvin Kranzberg)

    23. The Information Essentials of Peter Drucker (Marjorie M.K. Hlava)

    24. Drucker's Challenge: Communication and the emotional glass ceiling (Paul Wieand)

    Part 5: Drucker and Germany

    25. Drucker's Influence on the Renaissance of the Entrepreneur in German and European Business (Herbert Gross)

    26. America and the Resurgence of the German Chemical and Rubbert Industry After the Second World War (Christian Kleinschmidt)

    27. Drucker and Buber: The Germanic Search for Community as the Meaning of the Modern American Corporation (Michael Schwartz)

    'After an introduction by Western Australia based editors John C. Wood and Michael C. Wood, 27 articles and excerpts about the life and work of the eminent economist and highly influential business management guru are presented. Reprinted from journals and books published between 1965 and 2004, the selections discuss various aspects of Drucker’s philosophy; his ideas and influence in the realms of management, government, and information; and his ideas in the context of European business, Germany in particular, as well as Japan and the US. An annotated bibliography (70 pages) lists Drucker’s publications and offers a literature review citing references in chronological order and grouped under topic headings, as well as alphabetically by author. The volume is not indexed.' Reference & Research Book News