1st Edition

Petroleum Conservation in the United States An Economic Analysis

By Stephen Macdonald Copyright 2011

    The author develops an economic framework for analyzing state regulation of oil and gas and concludes that existing regulations fall short of assuring optimum well spacing, production rates, use of associated gas, and exploration. Originally published in 1971.

    1: Introduction; I: The Setting of the Problem; 2: Petroleum Production and Marketing; 3: The States' Approaches to Conservation Regulation: A Survey; II: The Economics of Petroleum Conservation; 4: Conservation in the General Economic Process; 5: The Optimum Time-Distribution of Use; 6: Demand, Supply, and Price of Crude Oil; III: Evaluation of Conservation Regulation; 7: The Concept of Prohibited Waste; 8: Control of External Damages; 9: Control of Production and Well Spacing; 10: Unitization and Unit Operation of Reservoirs; IV: For the Future; 11: Some Proposals


    Stephen Macdonald