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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
A Focus on Industrial Application

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June 18, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: A Focus on Industrial Application covers the development of new biopharmaceuticals as well as the improvement of those being produced. The main purpose is to provide background and concepts related to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, together with an industrial perspective. This is a comprehensive text for undergraduates, graduates and academics in biochemistry, pharmacology and biopharmaceutics, as well as professionals working on the interdisciplinary field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. Written with teaching in mind, this book allows teachers to have an easier time preparing their classes and providing students with a fluid and easy to read text. The reader is given easy to follow step-by-step stages of the development of new biopharmaceuticals, as well as allowing the optimization of existing production processes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Biotechnology,

Michele Vitolo

Chapter 2 Thermodynamics applied to biomolecules

Attilio Converti, Adalberto Pessoa Junior, Jonatas de Carvalho Silva, Rodrigo Lira De Oliveira and Tatiana Souza Porto

Chapter 3 Expression Systems for the Production of Therapeutic Recombinant Proteins

Amanda Mizukami, Adalberto Pessoa Junior, Kamilla Swiech

Chapter 4 Molecular Biology - Tools in Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Gisele Monteiro

Chapter 5 Molecular Biology Tools - Techniques and Enzymes

Gisele Monteiro

Chapter 6 Bioinformatics applied to the development of biomolecules of pharmaceutical interest

Renata Bannitz Fernandes, Carlos Alexandre Breyer, Leonardo Schultz da Silva, Pedro Henrique Camargo Penna, Antônio Sergio Kimus Braz and Marcos Antonio de Oliveira

Chapter 7 Bioprocesses: Microorganisms and Culture Media

Ricardo Pinheiro de Souza Oliveira; Adalberto Pessoa Jr

Chapter 8 Sterilization in pharmaceutical biotechnology

Valéria C. Santos-Ebinuma, Fernanda de Oliveira, Nathalia V. dos Santos, Jorge F. B. Pereira, Adalberto Pessoa-Jr

Chapter 9 Kinetics of Cell Cultivation

Aldo Tonso, Adalberto Pessoa-Jr, Michele Vitolo

Chapter 10 Bioreactors: modes of operation

Inês C. Roberto; Adalberto Pessoa Jr, Aldo Tonso

Chapter 11 Agitation and Aeration: Oxygen Transfer and Cell Respiration

Aldo Tonso, Thiago Olitta Basso, Adalberto Pessoa Jr and Ricardo Pinheiro de Souza Oliveira

Chapter 12 Mammalian Cell Culture Technology

Patrícia Barros dos Santos, Patrícia Léo, Ricardo Pinheiro de Souza Oliveira e Marco Antonio Stephano

Chapter 13 Purification Process of Biomolecules

Adalberto Pessoa Junior and Beatriz Vahan Kilikian

Chapter 14 Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) Methods of quantification and removal from biotechnological products

André M. Lopes, Jorge F. B. Pereira, João V. D. Molino, Felipe R. Lourenço, and Adalberto Pessoa-Jr

Chapter 15 Enzymes: The Catalytic Proteins

Michele Vitolo

Chapter 16 Enzymes as Drugs and Medicines

Carlota de Oliveira Rangel Yagui, Michele Vitolo

Chapter 17 Aspects of the Immobilization Technique

Michele Vitolo

Chapter 18 Biomolecules in Analytical Methods

João Henrique Picado Madalena Santos, Carlos Miguel Nóbrega Mendonça, Francislene Andréia Hasmann, Adalberto Pessoa Jr

Chapter 19 Nanotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals

Alexsandra Conceição Apolinário, Valker Araujo Feitosa, João Henrique Picado Madalena Santos, Carlota de Oliveira Rangel-Yagui

Chapter 20 Biosafety applied in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes

Camila Manoel Crnkovic, Celso Pereira Caricati, Ricardo Pinheiro de Souza Oliveira, Marco Antonio Stephano

Chapter 21 Pharmaceutical Quality System for biotechnology products

Laura de Oliveira Nascimento; Francisco Vitor Santos da Silva e Marco Antonio Stephano

Chapter 22 Techno-economic Evaluation of Biotechnological Processes and Pharmacoeconomic Analysis

Rafael da Gama Ferreira, Nicola Sgrignoli Fuganholi, Larissa Pereira Brumano, Adriano Rodrigues Azzoni, Sindelia Freitas

Chapter 23 Perspectives for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Michele Vitolo

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Dr. Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Full professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo and Visiting Senior Professor at King’s College London. He has experience in enzyme and fermentation technology and in the purification processes of biotechnological products, such as liquid-liquid extraction, cross-flow filtration and chromatography of interest to the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Dr. Michele Vitolo, Full professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo. He has experience in enzyme technology, in immobilization techniques (aiming the reuse of the biocatalyst), and in the operation of membrane reactors for obtaining biotechnological products of interest to the pharmaceutical, Chemical, and food industries. [email protected]

Dr. Paul Long is Professor of Biotechnology at King's College London and Visiting International Research Professor at the University of São Paulo. Prof Long is a microbiologist by training and his research uses a combination of bioinformatics, laboratory and field studies to discover new medicines from nature, particularly from the marine environment.