1st Edition

Pharmaceutical Marketing in the 21st Century

By Mickey Smith Copyright 1997

    Pharmaceutical Marketing in the 21st Century helps professionals in the pharmaceutical field anticipate and prepare for market changes and advances, and it guides them in adjusting their marketing strategies to remain competitive in the coming era. Ideal for product managers, planners, and strategists, this book puts the past twenty years of pharmacy into perspective and uses it as a basis for predicting the next twenty years. Internationally relevant, this book is now available in Japanese!

    Distinguished contributors provide a formal conjecture on the nature of various aspects of pharmaceutical marketing in the early part of the 21st century. Utilizing their experience and expertise, they provide pharmaceutical professionals with guidelines for marketing in the coming years. Readers gain insight into what the future may hold in these areas: pricing, product development, distribution, promotion, retailing, market research, and other areas. Experts who make professional speculations in Pharmaceutical Marketing in the 21st Century include these among others:

    • William R. Mattson, Jr. (President, The Mattson Jack Group, St. Louis) and Evan G. Dick (Vice President and General Manager, MedStrategy Management Reports, St. Louis). They compare pharmaceutical marketing of 20 years ago with that of today and use the comparison as a basis for making projections 20 years into the future.
    • David W. Newton (Albany College of Pharmacy). He predicts an increased importance and possible necessity of the pharmacist's role in direct/indirect patient care services.
    • Jerome A. Reinstein (industry consultant and Director-General, World Federation of Proprietary Medicine Manufacturers, London). He explores the increasing number of prescription drugs becoming available over the counter.
    Pharmaceutical marketers and benefits managers, regulatory officials, drug product managers, advertising agency executives, and politicians will find Pharmaceutical Marketing in the 21st Century a must read as they work today in preparation for the future of pharmaceutical care and marketing.

    Global Pharma 20/20
    •  The Influence of Pharmaceutical Technology on Marketing New Drugs and Optimizing Therapeutic Outcomes
    •  Marketing Medicines for Self-Medication
    •  Research Databases for Postmillennium Health Care
    •  A Pharmaceutical Marketing Plan for the 21st Century: Primary Research Prospects
    • Pharmaceutical Pricing at the Change of the Millennia
    •  A Pharmaceutical Marketing Plan for the 21st Century: Sociopolitical Environment as a Marketing Factor
    • Retail Pharmacists as a Marketing Target
    •  Independent Pharmacy: Rising to Meet the Challenge of the Future
    • New Rules for Marketing Pharmaceuticals to Hospitals
    •  Marketing to Managed Care Pharmacy: Think Local, Think Partnerships, Think Outcomes, Think Disease State Management 
    • Pharmaceutical Marketing in Lesser Developed Countries
    •  Trends in Drug Distribution Channels and Practices
    •  Prospects for Pharmaceutical Promotion
    •  The Impact of Current Trends in Health Care on the Pharmaceutical Sales Force of the Future
    • Pharmaceutical Marketing Research: A Blueprint for the Future
    •  A Look at the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 21st Century
    • Reference Notes Included


    Mickey Smith