Pharmaceuticals-Where's the Brand Logic? : Branding Lessons and Strategy book cover
1st Edition

Pharmaceuticals-Where's the Brand Logic?
Branding Lessons and Strategy

ISBN 9780789032591
Published June 7, 2007 by CRC Press
248 Pages

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Book Description

Insights and analysis that challenge current thought on consumer branding theory and strategy

Pharmaceutical companies need to go beyond simply relying on strong sales forces and innovative research and development to succeed. Effective branding strategy is essential. Pharmaceuticals—Where’s the Brand Logic?: Branding Lessons and Strategy discusses in detail the application of current consumer branding theory to pharmaceutical marketing. This comprehensive book pulls information from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) research and brand theory and applies it to the pharmaceutical world. It looks at branding on multiple levels within the pharmaceutical industry, including the industry brand, the corporate brand, the franchise brand, and the global and local product brand. Practical strategies are extensively explained and future challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are explored, all geared to help any pharmaceutical professional to successfully market his or her brand.

Pharmaceuticals—Where’s the Brand Logic?: Branding Lessons and Strategy may well become a daily reference for anyone in the industry, providing in a single volume a framework for the organization of a brand portfolio for any pharmaceutical company. This unique resource challenges traditional thought about the concept of branding in the pharmaceutical industry, examining several of the most difficult branding theory issues. This helpful guide provides several figures to fully explain data.

Topics in Pharmaceuticals—Where’s the Brand Logic?: Branding Lessons and Strategy include:

  • what is branding
  • how is branding applied to the FMCG and pharmaceutical industries
  • corporate brands—and how they can be leveraged
  • franchise branding as a business strategy
  • developing and sustaining pharmaceutical brands over time
  • saving the credibility of the pharmaceutical industry
  • changing the pharmaceutical business model to use branding as a strategic tool
  • much, much more

Pharmaceuticals—Where’s the Brand Logic?: Branding Lessons and Strategy provides the information and tools to help gain the competitive edge in a tough marketplace. This is an invaluable resource for anyone in the global pharmaceutical industry, including marketing personnel, senior management, general managers, strategy groups, and training departments.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword (E. M. [Mick] Kolassa)
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Branding History
  • The Pharmaceutical Product Attribute Trap
  • Products, Not Brands
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 2. What Is Branding?
  • What Is a Strong Brand?
  • Markets That Change
  • Classic Brand Management
  • Modern Brand Management
  • Career Paths in Marketing
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 3. Brand Architecture
  • Introduction
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Other Brand Extension Strategies
  • Product Brand Differentiators
  • Why Manage a Pharmaceutical Brand Portfolio?
  • Providing Focus for Business Development and Alliances
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 4. Corporate Brand
  • What Does a Corporate Brand Stand For?
  • Relevance of a Corporate Brand in Pharmaceuticals
  • Leveraging Corporate Brands
  • Downside of Corporate Brands
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 5. The Franchise Brand
  • Pharmaceutical Franchises
  • Advantages of Owning a Real Franchise
  • Franchise Criteria
  • Franchises—An Underused Opportunity?
  • Who Should Be Building Franchise Brands?
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 6. Developing Brands
  • Global Branding
  • Are the Driving Forces the Same in Pharmaceuticals?
  • Attitudes Toward Global Brands
  • Global Brands in Pharmaceuticals
  • Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCa)
  • The Internet
  • Pharmaceutical Branding Complexity
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 7. Product Brand Longevity
  • Consumer Experience
  • Distributor Own Brands and Generics
  • Brand Decline
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 8. Sustaining a Product Brand Over Time
  • Pharmaceutical Brand Life Determinants
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 9. The Pharmaceutical Industry Brand
  • Why Do People Prefer Tobacco Companies to Pharmaceutical Companies?
  • Victims or Creators of Our Own Destiny?
  • What the Future Brings
  • Moving Forward
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 10. The Pharmaceutical Business Model
  • The Blockbuster Model: What Have We Learned?
  • Blurring Segmentation Between Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Generic Models
  • Strategy Decisions Taking Decades to Pay Off
  • Complexity of Brand Communication Increasing
  • The Answer?
  • Conclusions
  • Notes
  • Index

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