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    Reflecting the shift from genetics to genomics in the pharmaceutical sphere, this Second Edition traces the evolution of the science of pharmacogenetics and gathers research from the forefront of the field-spanning the most influential breakthroughs in molecular diagnostics, metabonomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, disease mapping, pharmacodynamics, and disease gene identification.

    Introduction. Historical Aspects of Pharmacogenetics. Pharmacogenomics and the Promise of Personalized Medicine. Current Status of Pharmacogenomics. Drug Metabolism. Receptors. Pharmacogenetics and Drug Transporters. Variability of Induction Processes. Pharmacogenetics and Cardiac Ion Channels. Interethnic Differences in Drug Response. Clinical Viewpoints. Regulatory Perceptions. Methodologies in Genetics and Genomics. Tools of the Trade: The Technologies and Challenges of Pharmacogenomics. Technologies for the Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Molecular Diagnostics and Development of Biotechnology-based Diagnostics. Metabonomics. MALDI-TOF MS: Application in Genomics. Measuring Gene Expression: Transcriptional Insights into Functional Biology. From Genotype to Phenotype. Proteomics. Haplotype Structure. Pharmacoepigenetics: From Basic Epigenetics to Therapeutic Applications. Bioinformatics: Aims and Methodologies of a New Discipline. Internet Rsources. Applied Bioinformatics. Genetics of Common Diseases. Mapping of Disease Loci. Positional Cloning and Disease Gene Identification. Genome Variation Influencing Gene Copy Number and Disease. Conclusions. General Conclusions and Future Directions


    Werner Kalow, Urs B. Meyer, Rachel F. Tyndale

    "…a book for anyone working in pharmacogenomic research or anyone interested in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine."
    --Doody's Book Review Service

    "…guides interested readers to the relevant sources and original literature….By touching on all the important issues, the authors have provided a well-written overview of the state of the art of pharmacogenomics."
    -American Journal of Human Genetics

    "…highly recommended for those interested in pharmacogenomics and allied fields."
    -Indian Journal of Toxicology