2nd Edition


ISBN 9780824710422
Published September 15, 1982 by CRC Press
504 Pages

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Book Description

This book is based on research papers and commentaries on pharmacokinetic methods and applications published since 1975. It offers detailed examinations of new developments in the pharmacokinetic field with enhanced clarity of presentation and simplified organization.

Table of Contents

"One-Compartment Model Intravenous Injection Intravenous Infusion First-Order Absorption Apparent Zero-Order Absorption Multicompartment Models Intravenous Injection Intravenous Infusion First-Order Absorption Determination of Pharmacokinetic Parameters Multiple Dosing Intravenous Administration Intravenous Infusion First-Order Absorption Determination of Pharmacokinetic Parameters from Multiple Dosing Data Absorption Kinetics and Bioavailability Absorption Rate Extent of Absorption Statistical Considerations in Comparative Bioavailabiltiy Studies Sustained Release Apparent Volume of Distribution Kinetics of Pharmacologic Response Kinetics of Direct-Reversible Pharmacologic Response Kinetics of Indirect Pharmacologic Response Kinetics of Irreversible Pharmacologic Response Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics Michaelis-Menten Kinetics, Some Pharmacokinetic Characteristics of Michaelis-Menten Processes In Vivo Estimation of Km and Vm Clearance, Half-life, and Volume of Distribution Drug Concentration at Steady State Time to Steady State Area Under the Curve and Bioavailability Composition of Urinary Excretion Products Other Nonlinear Elimination Processes Enzyme Induction Nonlinear Binding Some Problems in Quantifying Nonlinear Pharmacokinetcs Clearance Concepts Organ Clearance Total Clearance Hepatic Clearance Hepatic Clearance and Drug Binding in Blood Drug Binding and Free Drug Concentration Half-Life, Intrinsic Clearance, and Binding First-Pass Effect Gut Wall Clearance Lung Clearance Renal Clearance Clearance Concepts Applied to Metabolites Physical Models of Organ Clearance Blood Clearance Versus Plasma Clearance Physiological Pharmacokinetic Models Blood Flow Rate-Limited Models.Experimental Consideration Blood Clearance Lung Clearance Apparent Volume of Distribution.Nonlinear Disposition Membrane-Limited Models Species Similarity and Scale-Up Application of Phamacokinetic Principles Multiple Dosing Dose Adjustments in Renal Failure Hemodailysis Methods for Determination of Individual Patient Parameters Appendix A: Method of Laplace Transforms Appendix B: Method for Solving Linear Mammillary Models Appendix C: Method of Residuals Appendix D: Estimation of Areas Appendix E: Prediction of Drug Concentrations on Multiple Dosing Using the Principle of Superposition Appendix F: Estimation of Rates Appendix G: Selected Derivations Appendix H: Computer Programs "

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