Pharmacological and Psychosocial Treatments in Schizophrenia  book cover
3rd Edition

Pharmacological and Psychosocial Treatments in Schizophrenia

ISBN 9781842145340
Published September 20, 2012 by CRC Press
272 Pages

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Book Description

Pharmacological and Psychosocial Treatments in Schizophrenia provides a succinct clinical overview of key areas pertinent to the holistic treatment of people with schizophrenia and, in particular, puts firmly back onto the agenda the importance of psychosocial treatments.

The latest data concerning the newer antipsychotic agents and clinical guidelines for their use are reviewed. The real emphasis, however, is on the psychosocial interventions for specific aspects of schizophrenia symptomatology and disability that have been shown to offer major benefits to recovery in the disorder, and yet have failed to have a high profile in the literature, as more effective biological treatments have become available.

This book offers practical guidance on effective strategies for use in both clinical settings and in the family context, placing the patient (and their family) once again at the centre of therapeutic endeavours. Encouraging professionals to offer a broader therapeutic approach, this book will offer real hope to therapists, patients and families of what can be achieved if psychosocial interventions complement the many psychopharmacological treatments available today.

Key topics include: female patients, treatment resistance, the substance abuser patient, family intervention, helping the patient at work, managing violent behaviour, first episode psychosis and rating scales in schizophrenia.

Table of Contents

Psychopharmacological management of schizophrenia
David J. Castle, Nga Tran, and Deirdre Alderton
Psychological approaches to the management of persistent delusions and hallucinations
Craig Steel, Rumina Taylor, and Til Wykes
The management of negative symptoms
David L. Copolov and David J. Castle
Cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia
Til Wykes, Evelina Medin, India Webb, and David J. Castle
Depression and anxiety in schizophrenia
David J. Castle, Til Wykes, Natalie Knoesen, and Peter Bosanac
The general health of people with schizophrenia
Urban Ösby, Ginger E. Nicol, and John W. Newcomer
Substance abuse comorbidity in schizophrenia
Wynne James, Kim T. Mueser, and David J. Castle
Management of acute behavioral disturbance in psychosis
David J. Castle, Nga Tran, Peter Bosanac, and Deirdre Alderton
Managing the violent behaviors associated with the schizophrenic syndrome
Paul E. Mullen and Danny H. Sullivan
Understanding and enhancing adherence to treatment in people with schizophrenia
Peter Hayward, Diane Agoro, Sarah Swan, and Til Wykes
Psychological interventions to help people with psychiatric disabilities succeed at work
Morris D. Bell and Jimmy Choi
Enhancing socialization in people with schizophrenia
Anna W. Lui and Shirley M. Glynn
The clinical needs of women with schizophrenia
Jayashri Kulkarni, Paul B. Fitzgerald, and Mary V. Seeman
Schizophrenia in later life
Nicola Lautenschlager, Peter Rabins, and David J. Castle
Family interventions in schizophrenia
Christine Barrowclough, Alison Ram, Chris Fassnidge, and Til Wykes
Models of care in schizophrenia
Tom Burns
A treatment approach to the patient with first-episode schizophrenia
Shon Lewis and Richard Drake
Treatment-resistant schizophrenia
William D. Spaulding, Robert W. Johnson, Jeffrey R. Nolting, and Amanda Collins Messman
Rating scales in schizophrenia: Clinical applicability
Marc Corbière and Tania Lecomte

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David Castle, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Professorial Fellow, Mental Health Research Institute and University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

David Copolov,University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Professor and Director, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, Victoria, Australia

Til Wykes, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Professor and Head of the Centre for Recovery in Severe Psychosis and Service User Research Enterprise, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK


Praise for the Previous Edition

"A book that aims to give a succinct overview of the holistic treatment of schizophrenia is extremely welcome ... I am happy to recommend it to mental health practitioners as a guide to psychosocial treatments"
Journal of Mental Health