1st Edition

Phase Transitions in Solids Under High Pressure

    450 Pages 297 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The use of high-pressure techniques has become popular for studying the nature of substances and phenomena occurring in them, especially as a means of obtaining new materials (synthesis under high pressure) and processing known materials (hydroextrusion). A product of many years of research by the authors and their colleagues, Phase Transitions in Solids under High Pressure discusses the relationships of phase transformations in solids under high pressure, the mechanism of these transformations, crystal geometry, the effect of deformation, the conditions of formation, and preservation of the high-pressure phases under normal pressure.

    The book begins with an introduction that describes the relationship of the thermodynamics of phase transformations and the kinetics of the transformations. This is followed by a chapter explaining the equipment and mostly original procedures for investigating phase transformation in solids under high hydrostatic and quasi-hydrostatic pressures. The book covers phase transformations under high pressure in a wide temperature range in the elements carbon, silicon, germanium, titanium, zirconium, iron, gallium, and cerium as well as in titanium- and iron-based alloys and AIBVII, AIIBVI, and AIIIBV compounds.

    In addition, the book examines the kinetics of phase transformations in iron-based alloys in isobaric–isothermal conditions. The authors present results for phase transformations in deformation under high pressure, describe several non-trivial effects associated with phase transformations under high pressure, and analyze the kinetics and hysteresis of high-temperature and low-temperature phase transformations. They conclude by describing the role of investigations under high pressure for determining general relationships governing phase transformations in solids.

    Phase equilibria and kinetics of phase transformations under high pressure

    Equipment and methods for the study of phase transformations in solids at high pressures

    Phase transformations of carbon and boron nitride at high pressure and deformation under pressure

    Phase transitions in Si and Ge at high pressure and deformation under pressure

    Polymorphic α–ω transformation in titanium, zirconium and zirconium–titanium alloys

    Phase transformations in iron and its alloys at high pressure

    Phase transformations in gallium and cerium

    On the possible polymorphic transformations in transition metals under pressure

    Pressure-induced polymorphic transformations in АIBVII compounds

    Phase transformations in AIIBVI and AIIIBV semiconductor compounds

    Effect of pressure on the kinetics of phase transformations in iron alloys

    Transformations during deformation at high pressure

    Effects due to phase transformations at high pressure

    Kinetics and hysteresis in high-temperature polymorphic transformations under pressure

    Hysteresis and kinetics of low-temperature polymorphic transformations under pressure

    Kinetics of phase transformations under pressure and the synthesis of high-pressure phases


    Vladimir Davydovich Blank, Emmanuel Isakovich Estrin