1st Edition

Philosophical Experiments and Observations

By Robert Hooke, W. Derham Copyright 1968
    419 Pages
    by Routledge

    428 Pages
    by Routledge

    Shortly after Hooke died in 1703, his miscellaneous papers and unpublished manuscripts were entrusted to Richard Waller, who edited and published some of them in a volume titled The Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke (1705; reprinted, Frank Cass, 1968). Waller himself died, however, before he was able to complete the task of republishing Hooke’s papers and they were eventually handed on to William Derham. After delaying for what some of Hooke’s followers thought to be a scandalously long time, Derham finally published this volume in 1726. It contains numerous papers and notes by Hooke as well as a number of important papers and letters written by Hooke’s contemporaries and found, evidently, among Hooke’s literary remains.

    This is an exact facsimile reproduction of Derham’s edition of the Philosophical experiments and Observations of the late Eminent Dr. Rober Hooke (1726) except that an analytical table of contents, prepared by the General Editor, has been added.

    First Published in 1967. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

    Of the Invention of the Barometer, Kingkardine's Observations of Pendulum Clocks at Sea, Hooke's Experiment of Weighing Air, A Brief Account of the Experiments tried before the Royal Society, with Glass Balls, The Pressures of Bodies on Different Mediums, Hooke's Enquiries for Greenland, Hooke's Enquiries for Iceland, Hooke's Proposals on the Resistance of Air, Hooke's Experiment on the Refraction of Ice and Crystal, Hooke's Method of Making Experiments, Oldenburg's Letter to Hooke, 23 August 1665, Powell's Letter to Daniell, 6 January 1665/66, Powell's Letter to Daniell, 27 September 1666, Brown's Account of Petrified Bone, &c., Towneley's Observations of Water, Fran's Letter on Earthquakes, On Bees-Wax, Carte on the Belland, Hooke's Weather-Clock, Hooke's Self-Emptying Vessel, Toinard on Longitude, Toinard on the Eclipses of Jupiter, Hooke on Hailstones, Paschall's Letter to Hooke, 4 January 1680, Leuwenhoek on Animalcules, Reiselius' Letter to Grew, 6 March 1680, Pigot's Letter to Hooke, 26 November 1681, Leuwenhoek on the Structure of Hair, &c., Hooke's Letter to Trapham, 18 February 1681/82, Leuwenhoek on the Fibres of Muscles, Carte on Worms in the Stomach, Yonge's Letter to Hooke, Molyneux's Anatomical Observations, Hooke on the Rule of False Position, Hooke on Earths, Salts, &c., Hooke's Experiments on Floating of Lead, Hooke's Experiments on the Pressure of Water in Pipes, Experiments on the Elasticity of the Air, Experiments on Compression, Observations of Sound, Hooke's Windmill, Hooke's Contrivance to Stop Great Weights Falling, Hooke on Impressions of Medals, Hooke on Reproducing Pictures, Hooke on the Improvement of Scales, &c., Japanese Scales, Hooke on the Weight of Liquors, Hooke on Magnetism in Drills, Hooke on the Strength of Ice, Hooke on the Expansion of Water by Freezing, Hooke on the Specific Gravity of Ice, Hooke on the Phaenomena of Ice, Hooke on Long-Distance Communication, Hooke's Discourse of Carriages, Houses Paying Chimney-Money, Hooke on the Barometer, Bolognian Phosphorus, Liquid Phosphorus, Metallic Phosphorus, Brandt on Phosphoros Elementaris, Baldwyn on Phosphorus, De Germinatione Metalli, Baldwyn on Tin, On Orvietano, Ink for Printing, Divers Curious Recepts, Collected by Hooke, Caswell's Discourse on the Sun-Dial, Hooke's Way of finding the true Meridian, Hooke on Dimensions in the Mixture of Vitriol and Fair Water, An Account of the Plant called Bangue, Hooke on Gems, Wallis' Account of Printing in Oxford, Hooke on Instruments for Sounding the great Depths of the Sea, Hooke's Observations on the Lake-Wetter in Swedeland, Hooke's Discourse Concerning Telescopes and Microscopes, Hooke's Invention of a Reflecting Telescope, Waller's Observations on Hooke's Discourse on Telescopes and Microscopes, Hooke's Account of an Earthquake at Deal, Southwell's Contrivance for speedy Conveyance of Earth, Hooke on the Quantity of Gold up the River Gambay, Hooke's Experiments and Observations on Heated Iron, Hooke's Account of De la Hire's Discourse of Frost, Hooke on a Draughting Instrument, Hooke on a Way to measure Heights and Distances, Smith's Letter to Halley, 12 June 1695, Hooke on the Improvement of the Barometer, Hooke's Conjectures on Shell-Fish, Hooke's Discourses concerning Amber, Lowthorp on Atmospheric Refraction, Gray on a Solar Eclipse, Geoffroy's Observations on the Nostock, Waller on the Burning-Glasses of the Ancients, Waller's Account of Mistichelli's Trattato dell' Apoplessia, The Pores of Sensitive Plants, Mechanical Ways of Drawing Conical Figures, Cotton Mather's Letter to Waller, 1 December 1713, Waller's Relation of petrified Bodies of Men, &c, Hooke's Answer to some Claims of Cassini, Index


    Robert Hooke, W. Derham