Philosophy and Film moves from broad theoretical reflections on film as a medium to concrete examinations of individual films.

    Introduction; Part 1 General Perspectives; Chapter 1 The Thought of Movies, Stanley Cavell; Chapter 2 Provocations and Justifications of Film, Karen Hanson; Chapter 3 Morals for Method, George M. Wilson; Chapter 4 Towards an Ontology of the Moving Image, Noël Carroll; Part 2 Genres and Tropes; Chapter 5 Missing Mothers/Desiring Daughters, Naomi Scheman; Chapter 6 Failures of Marriage in Sea of Love (The Love of Men, the Respect of Women), Nickolas Pappas; Chapter 7 Realist Horror, Cynthia A. Freeland; Chapter 8 Black Cupids, White Desires, Robert Gooding-Williams; Chapter 9 An Unlikely Couple, Thomas E. Wartenberg; Part 3 Specific Interpretations; Chapter 10 2001, Harvey Cormier; Chapter 11 Spike Lee’s Morality Tales, Douglas Kellner; Chapter 12 Passing in Europa, Europa, Julie Inness; Chapter 13 The Politics of Interpretation, Kelly Oliver;


    Cynthia A. Freeland, Thomas E. Wartenberg

    "The individual analyses of films by Kubrick, Holland, Bergman, and Spike Lee, and of the melodramatic tradition from Casablanca (1942) to Ghost (1990), are insightful in their theoretical applications." -- Choice