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Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

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The Philosophy & Psychoanalysis book series is dedicated to current developments and cutting edge research in the philosophical sciences, phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, logic, semiotics, cultural studies, social criticism, and the humanities that engage and enrich psychoanalytic thought through philosophical rigor. With the philosophical turn in psychoanalysis comes a new era of theoretical research that revisits past paradigms while invigorating new approaches to theoretical, historical, contemporary, and applied psychoanalysis. No subject or discipline is immune from psychoanalytic reflection within a philosophical context including psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, the arts, religion, science, culture, physics, and the nature of morality. Philosophical approaches to psychoanalysis may stimulate new areas of knowledge that have conceptual and applied value beyond the consulting room reflective of greater society at large. In the spirit of pluralism, Philosophy & Psychoanalysis is open to any theoretical school in philosophy and psychoanalysis that offers novel, scholarly, and important insights in the way we come to understand our world.

Series Editor Jon Mills, PsyD, PhD, ABPP is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, and psychologist; Honorary Professor, Department of Psychosocial & Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK, and on Faculty in the Programs in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, and the New School for Existential Psychoanalysis, USA. He is author of several books in philosophy, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies. 

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How Philosophy Changed Psychoanalysis From Naïve Realism to Postmodernism

How Philosophy Changed Psychoanalysis: From Naïve Realism to Postmodernism

1st Edition


By Aner Govrin
October 22, 2024

Through this book, philosopher and psychoanalyst Aner Govrin demonstrates how psychoanalysis' engagement with philosophy formed a crucial factor in the evolution of new psychoanalytic theories in three areas: perception of truth, developmental theories, and study of psychoanalytic treatment. ...

Jungian Analysis in a World on Fire At the Nexus of Individual and Collective Trauma

Jungian Analysis in a World on Fire: At the Nexus of Individual and Collective Trauma

1st Edition

Edited By Laura Tuley, PhD., John White, PhD.
April 11, 2024

This volume of essays, all authored by practicing Jungian psychoanalysts, examines and illuminates ways of working with individual analytic and therapeutic clients in the context of powerful and current collective forces, in the United States and beyond. One of Carl Jung’s central achievements was ...

Psychological and Philosophical Studies of Jung’s Teleology The Future-Orientation of Mind

Psychological and Philosophical Studies of Jung’s Teleology: The Future-Orientation of Mind

1st Edition

Edited By Garth Amundson
April 11, 2024

This important new volume addresses an underappreciated dimension of Jung’s work, his concept of the teleology, or “future-orientation”, of psychic reality. The work, authored by an international group of Jungian scholars, expands upon the socio-cultural, psychological, therapeutic, and ...

Eternal Youth and the Myth of Deconstruction An Archetypal Reading of Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler

Eternal Youth and the Myth of Deconstruction: An Archetypal Reading of Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler

1st Edition

By Bret Alderman
December 06, 2023

In Eternal Youth and the Myth of Deconstruction, Bret Alderman puts forth a compelling thesis: Deconstruction tells a mythic story. Through an attentive examination of multiple texts and literary works, he elucidates this story in psychological and philosophical terms. Deconstruction, the method of...

Essays in Existential Psychoanalysis On the Primacy of Authenticity

Essays in Existential Psychoanalysis: On the Primacy of Authenticity

1st Edition

By M. Guy Thompson
December 05, 2023

In this brilliant and revolutionary collection of 14 major essays that draw from more than 25 years of painstaking research, M. Guy Thompson regales us with a stunning revisioning of conventional psychoanalysis that deepens our understanding of the human condition. Integrating the most seminal...

Archetypal Ontology New Directions in Analytical Psychology

Archetypal Ontology: New Directions in Analytical Psychology

1st Edition

By Jon Mills, Erik Goodwyn
March 28, 2023

In this novel re-examination of the archetype construct, philosopher Jon Mills and psychiatrist Erik Goodwyn engage in spirited dialogue on the origins, nature, and scope of what archetypes actually constitute, their relation to the greater questions of psyche and worldhood, and their relevance for...

Psychoanalytic Investigations in Philosophy An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Current Existential Challenges

Psychoanalytic Investigations in Philosophy: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Current Existential Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Dorit Lemberger
February 24, 2023

This pioneering volume explores and exemplifies the relevance of psychoanalysis to contemporary philosophical problems. The novelty of the book's viewpoint is the consideration of psychoanalysis as an existentialist mode of thinking that deals with current existential problems such as loneliness, ...

Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis From the Frankfurt School to Contemporary Critique

Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis: From the Frankfurt School to Contemporary Critique

1st Edition

Edited By Jon Mills, Daniel Burston
December 16, 2022

Critical theory has traditionally been interested in engaging classical psychoanalysis rather than addressing postclassical thought. For the first time, this volume brings critical theory into proper dialogue with modern developments in the psychoanalytic movement and covers a broad range of topics...

The Emergent Container in Psychoanalysis Experiencing Absence and Future

The Emergent Container in Psychoanalysis: Experiencing Absence and Future

1st Edition

By Ana Martinez Acobi
October 20, 2022

Drawing largely from the psychoanalytic ground of Jung, Bion and Winnicott, from Plato and Whitehead and from numerous clinical studies, this book explores ‘Absence’ and ‘Future’ in the context of their many emotional and conceptual meanings. Bringing together absence and future with Plato’s ...

Psyche, Culture, World Excursions in Existentialism and Psychoanalytic Philosophy

Psyche, Culture, World: Excursions in Existentialism and Psychoanalytic Philosophy

1st Edition

By Jon Mills
October 07, 2022

Across the array of topics explored in this comprehensive volume, philosopher and psychoanalyst Jon Mills argues for a fundamental return to the question and meaning of existence. Drawing on the traditions of German Idealism, existentialism, and onto-phenomenology, he offers a rich tapestry of ...

Enriching Psychoanalysis Integrating Concepts from Contemporary Science and Philosophy

Enriching Psychoanalysis: Integrating Concepts from Contemporary Science and Philosophy

1st Edition

Edited By John Turtz, Gerald J. Gargiulo
September 02, 2022

This compelling collection illuminates new models and metaphors taken from the contemporary sciences and philosophical thought to revitalize and recontextualize psychoanalysis for the 21st century. The exploration of quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity theory, epigenetics, and ...

Integration and Difference Constructing a Mythical Dialectic

Integration and Difference: Constructing a Mythical Dialectic

1st Edition

By Grant Maxwell
June 30, 2022

This groundbreaking work synthesizes concepts from thirteen crucial philosophers and psychologists, relating how the ancient problem of opposites has been opening to an integration which not only conserves differentiation but enacts it, especially through the integration of myth into the dialectic....

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