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Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

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The Philosophy & Psychoanalysis book series is dedicated to current developments and cutting edge research in the philosophical sciences, phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, logic, semiotics, cultural studies, social criticism, and the humanities that engage and enrich psychoanalytic thought through philosophical rigor. With the philosophical turn in psychoanalysis comes a new era of theoretical research that revisits past paradigms while invigorating new approaches to theoretical, historical, contemporary, and applied psychoanalysis. No subject or discipline is immune from psychoanalytic reflection within a philosophical context including psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, the arts, religion, science, culture, physics, and the nature of morality. Philosophical approaches to psychoanalysis may stimulate new areas of knowledge that have conceptual and applied value beyond the consulting room reflective of greater society at large. In the spirit of pluralism, Philosophy & Psychoanalysis is open to any theoretical school in philosophy and psychoanalysis that offers novel, scholarly, and important insights in the way we come to understand our world.

Series Editor Jon Mills, PsyD, PhD, ABPP is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, and psychologist; Honorary Professor, Department of Psychosocial & Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK, and on Faculty in the Programs in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, and the New School for Existential Psychoanalysis, USA. He is author of several books in philosophy, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies. 

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Jung’s Alchemical Philosophy Psyche and the Mercurial Play of Image and Idea

Jung’s Alchemical Philosophy: Psyche and the Mercurial Play of Image and Idea

1st Edition

By Stanton Marlan
May 06, 2022

Winner of the IAJS Book Award 2023 for Best Theoretical Book Traditionally, alchemy has been understood as a precursor to the science of chemistry but from the vantage point of the human spirit, it is also a discipline that illuminates the human soul. This book explores the goal of alchemy from ...

Psychoanalysis and the Mind-Body Problem

Psychoanalysis and the Mind-Body Problem

1st Edition

Edited By Jon Mills
May 06, 2022

Winner of the 2022 NAAP Gradiva Award for Best Edited Book In this volume, internationally acclaimed psychoanalysts, philosophers, and scholars of humanities examine the mind-body problem and provide differing analyses on the nature of mind, unconscious structure, mental properties, qualia, and the...

Metaphysical Dualism, Subjective Idealism, and Existential Loneliness Matter and Mind

Metaphysical Dualism, Subjective Idealism, and Existential Loneliness: Matter and Mind

1st Edition

By Ben Lazare Mijuskovic
November 26, 2021

Since the ages of the Old Testament, the Homeric myths, the tragedies of Sophocles and the ensuing theological speculations of the Christian millennium, the theme of loneliness has dominated and haunted the Western world. In this wide-ranging book, philosopher Ben Lazare Mijuskovic returns us to ...

Psychoanalysis, Catastrophe & Social Action

Psychoanalysis, Catastrophe & Social Action

1st Edition

By Robin McCoy Brooks
September 29, 2021

Winner of the IAJS Book Award 2023 for Best Applied Book This fascinating volume uses psychoanalytic theory to explore how political subjectivity comes about within the context of global catastrophe, via the emergence of collective individuations through trans-subjectivity. Serving as a jumping-off...

Shame, Temporality and Social Change Ominous Transitions

Shame, Temporality and Social Change: Ominous Transitions

1st Edition

Edited By Ladson Hinton, Hessel Willemsen
March 04, 2021

Winner of the Internationl Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS) Book Award for Best Edited Book 2021 There is a broad consensus that we are in a time of profound transition. There is worldwide political and social turbulence, with an underlying loss of hope and confidence about the future. ...

Psychology as Ethics Reading Jung with Kant, Nietzsche and Aristotle

Psychology as Ethics: Reading Jung with Kant, Nietzsche and Aristotle

1st Edition

By Giovanni Colacicchi
September 29, 2020

Through his clinical work and extensive engagement with major figures of the philosophical tradition, Jung developed an original and pluralistic psycho-ethical model based on the cooperation of consciousness with the unconscious mind. By drawing on direct quotations from Jung’s collected ...

Jung, Deleuze, and the Problematic Whole

Jung, Deleuze, and the Problematic Whole

1st Edition

Edited By Roderick Main, Christian McMillan, David Henderson
September 02, 2020

This book of expert essays explores the concept of the whole as it operates within the psychology of Jung, the philosophy of Deleuze, and selected areas of wider twentieth-century Western culture, which provided the context within which these two seminal thinkers worked. Addressing this topic from ...

Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung Rethinking the Romantic Subject

Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung: Rethinking the Romantic Subject

1st Edition

By Gord Barentsen
April 28, 2020

Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung: Rethinking the Romantic Subject explores the remarkable intellectual isomorphism between the philosophy of Friedrich Schelling and Carl Jung’s analytical psychology in order to offer a crucial and original corrective to the "reflection theory" ...

Holism Possibilities and Problems

Holism: Possibilities and Problems

1st Edition

Edited By Christian McMillan, Roderick Main, David Henderson
December 12, 2019

Holism: Possibilities and Problems brings together leading contributors in a ground-breaking discussion of holism. The terms ‘holism’ and ‘holistic’ arouse strong emotional responses in contemporary culture, whether this be negative or positive, and the essays in this interdisciplinary collection ...

Innovations in Psychoanalysis Originality, Development, Progress

Innovations in Psychoanalysis: Originality, Development, Progress

1st Edition

Edited By Aner Govrin, Jon Mills
October 31, 2019

From its very inception, psychoanalysis has been a discipline encompassing two contradictory tendencies. This dualistic tendency – tradition alongside disenchantment and the will to improve knowledge – is likely responsible for psychoanalysis’s powerful capacity to survive. In ...

Jung and Philosophy

Jung and Philosophy

1st Edition

Edited By Jon Mills
May 15, 2019

Although the works of C.G. Jung have received worldwide attention, there has been surprisingly little engagement by philosophers. In this volume, internationally recognized philosophers, Jungian analysts, and scholars attempt to fill this void in the literature. Although Jung did not have a ...

Ethics and Attachment How We Make Moral Judgments

Ethics and Attachment: How We Make Moral Judgments

1st Edition

By Aner Govrin
October 12, 2018

Why are we disgusted when an elderly woman is robbed but sympathize with the actions of a Robin Hood? Why do acts of cruelty against a helpless kitten bother us more than does the trampling of ants?  In Ethics and Attachment: How We Make Moral Judgments, psychoanalyst and philosopher Aner Govrin ...

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