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Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

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The Philosophy & Psychoanalysis book series is dedicated to current developments and cutting edge research in the philosophical sciences, phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, logic, semiotics, cultural studies, social criticism, and the humanities that engage and enrich psychoanalytic thought through philosophical rigor. With the philosophical turn in psychoanalysis comes a new era of theoretical research that revisits past paradigms while invigorating new approaches to theoretical, historical, contemporary, and applied psychoanalysis. No subject or discipline is immune from psychoanalytic reflection within a philosophical context including psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, the arts, religion, science, culture, physics, and the nature of morality. Philosophical approaches to psychoanalysis may stimulate new areas of knowledge that have conceptual and applied value beyond the consulting room reflective of greater society at large. In the spirit of pluralism, Philosophy & Psychoanalysis is open to any theoretical school in philosophy and psychoanalysis that offers novel, scholarly, and important insights in the way we come to understand our world.

Series Editor Jon Mills, PsyD, PhD, ABPP is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, and psychologist; Honorary Professor, Department of Psychosocial & Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK, and on Faculty in the Programs in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, and the New School for Existential Psychoanalysis, USA. He is author of several books in philosophy, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies. 

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Lacan on Psychosis From Theory to Praxis

Lacan on Psychosis: From Theory to Praxis

1st Edition

Edited By Jon Mills, David L. Downing
September 20, 2018

This is the first book of its kind that attempts to distill Lacan’s views on psychosis for both a specialized and non-specialized audience. An attempt is made to present Lacan’s unorganized theories to apply to conceptual paradigms in psychoanalysis and the humanities as well as applied clinical ...

Progress in Psychoanalysis Envisioning the future of the profession

Progress in Psychoanalysis: Envisioning the future of the profession

1st Edition

Edited By Steven D. Axelrod, Ronald C. Naso, Larry M. Rosenberg
May 02, 2018

Is psychoanalysis in decline? Has its understanding of the human condition been marginalized? Have its clinical methods been eclipsed by more short-term, problem-oriented approaches? Is psychoanalysis unable (or unwilling) to address key contemporary issues and concerns? With contributors ...

Temporality and Shame Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

Temporality and Shame: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

1st Edition

Edited By Ladson Hinton, Hessel Willemsen
September 05, 2017

Winner of the 2018 American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis (ABAPsa) prize for best Edited book  Temporality has always been a central preoccupation of modern philosophy, and shame has been a major theme in contemporary psychoanalysis. To date, however, there has been little...

Jung's Ethics Moral Psychology and his Cure of Souls

Jung's Ethics: Moral Psychology and his Cure of Souls

1st Edition

By Dan Merkur, Jon Mills
May 15, 2017

This volume presents the first organized study of Jung's ethics. Drawing on direct quotes from all of his collected works, interviews, and seminars, psychoanalyst and religious scholar Dan Merkur provides a compendium of Jung’s thoughts on various topics and themes that comprise his ...

Inventing God Psychology of Belief and the Rise of Secular Spirituality

Inventing God: Psychology of Belief and the Rise of Secular Spirituality

1st Edition

By Jon Mills
July 27, 2016

In this controversial book, philosopher and psychoanalyst Jon Mills argues that God does not exist; and more provocatively, that God cannot exist as anything but an idea. Put concisely, God is a psychological creation signifying ultimate ideality. Mills argues that the idea or conception of God is ...

Humanizing Evil Psychoanalytic, Philosophical and Clinical Perspectives

Humanizing Evil: Psychoanalytic, Philosophical and Clinical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Ronald C. Naso, Jon Mills
December 15, 2015

Psychoanalysis has traditionally had difficulty in accounting for the existence of evil. Freud saw it as a direct expression of unconscious forces, whereas more recent theorists have examined the links between early traumatic experiences and later ‘evil’ behaviour. Humanizing Evil: Psychoanalytic, ...

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