1st Edition

Philosophy and Science in the Islamic World

By C.A. Qadir Copyright 2013
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    228 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The basis of Muslim philosophy and science is the instruction buried in the Quran. At an early date this tradition was enlarged and strengthened by the infiltration into Muslim culture of Greek philosophy and science through the translation of Greek classics by Muslims. The Indian tradition of thought also made its contribution to this intellectual leaven.

    This book traces the development and interaction of these strands in Muslim thinking. The author is concerned to show both how philosophy and science are related to specifically religious thought, and how they have made distinctive contributions to method and discovery. The impact of secularisation on the Muslim world puts these traditions under considerable strain, and it is interesting to define how far this pressure is a productive and fertile one. The current century has seen a Renaissance of Muslim science and philosophy; this book sets the new achievements clearly against their historical background.

    First published in 1988.

    Introduction.  1. The Islamic Theory of Knowledge  2. Religion, Science and Philosophy in Islam  3. The Transmission of Greek Science and Philosophy to the Muslim World  4. Early Religio-Philosophic Thought  5. Mutazilism, Asharism and Ikhwan-al-Safa  6. Muslim Philosophers and their Problems  7. Muslim Mysticism  8. Science in the Golden Period of Islam  9. The Decline of Science and Philosophy  10. The Renaissance of Philosophical Knowledge in the Islamic World  11. Contemporary Philosophic Thought in Muslim Lands  12. The Renaissance of Science and Technology in Muslim Countries.  Notes.  Index


    C.A. Qadir