1st Edition

Philosophy by Women 22 Philosophers Reflect on Philosophy and Its Value

Edited By Elly Vintiadis Copyright 2021
    202 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    202 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    What is philosophy, why does it matter, and how would it be different if women wrote more of it? At a time when the importance of philosophy, and the humanities in general, is being questioned and at a time when the question of gender equality is a huge public question, 22 women in philosophy lay out in this book how they think of philosophy, what they actually do, and how that is applied to actual problems. By bringing together accounts of the personal experiences of women in philosophy, this book provides a new understanding of the ways in which the place of women in philosophy has changed in recent decades while also introducing the reader to the nature and the value of philosophy.


    Elly Vintiadis

    Part I: Thinking about Philosophy

    1. Philosophy as a Means of Empowerment and Self-Advocacy
    Lisa Bortolotti and Sophie Stammers

    2. What Is Philosophy and Why Does It Matter?: A Situated, Pluralist, Social, Caring – and Perhaps Rebellious Response
    Maria Brincker

    3. Does Philosophy Progress?
    Agnes Callard

    4. Adventures in Philosophy
    Ellen Fridland

    5. When Love Stinks, Call a Conceptual Plumber
    C.S.I. Jenkins

    6. Moving the Contexts of Philosophy
    Heisook Kim

    7. Philosophy, Comedy, and the Need for Good Material
    Quill R Kukla

    8. Hypatia’s Gaze
    Kyoo Lee

    9. Philosophy as a Helping Profession?
    Gina Schouten

    10. What Philosophy Is and What It Could Be
    Elly Vintiadis

    Part II: Doing and Valuing Philosophy

    11. What Is the Philosophy of Cinema? An Alternative Reading
    Melenia Arouh

    12. Becoming a Humbler Philosopher: My Life in Philosophy as a Woman
    Eva Feder Kittay

    13. Philosopher Queens? The Wrong Question at the Wrong Time
    Mary Margaret McCabe

    14. How Can Philosophy of Language Help Us Navigate the Political News Cycle?
    Teresa Marques

    15. Philosophy as Work
    Chris Meyns

    16. Thinking-Emoting-Reflecting Beyond Love
    Rónké Òké

    17. On Doing Philosophy: Territory, Discipline and Practices
    Mickaella Perina

    18. The History of Philosophy and Its Disappeared Women
    Emily Thomas

    19. Believing Is Seeing: Feminist Philosophy, Knowledge, and Perception
    Briana Toole

    20. Philosophy Matters for Children, Children Matter for Philosophy
    Penelope Voutsina

    21. How Can a (Modern) Greek (Woman) Be a Philosopher?
    Fay Zika


    Elly Vintiadis is a philosopher of mind and psychiatry at Deree, the American College of Greece. She has previously taught at the City College of New York and the Hellenic Naval Staff and Command College. Her work focuses mainly on what mental disorders can tell us about the nature of the mind, and on emergence and explanation, but her research also extends to animal ethics and epistemology. Her publications include Brute Facts (2018, coedited with Constantinos Mekios) and Animals and Us (2020, in Greek).