1st Edition

Philosophy of Mind in Antiquity The History of the Philosophy of Mind, Volume 1

Edited By John Sisko Copyright 2019
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    Spanning 1200 years of intellectual history – from the 6th century BCE emergence of philosophical enquiry in the Greek city-state of Miletus, to the 6th century CE closure of the Academy in Athens in 529 – Philosophy of Mind in Antiquity provides an outstanding survey of philosophy of mind of the period. It covers a crucial era for the history of philosophy of mind, examining the enduring and controversial arguments of Plato and Aristotle, in addition to the contribution of the Stoics and other key figures.

    Following an introduction by John Sisko, fifteen specially commissioned chapters by an international team of contributors discuss key topics, thinkers, and debates, including:

    • the Presocratics,

    • Plato,

    • cognition,

    • Aristotle,

    • intellect,

    • natural science,

    • time,

    • mind, perception, and body,

    • the Stoics,

    • Galen, and

    • Plotinus.

    Essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy of mind, ancient philosophy, and the history of philosophy, Philosophy of Mind in Antiquity is also a valuable resource for those in related disciplines such as Classics.

    Introduction to volume 1 John E. Sisko  1. Presocratic interest in the soul's persistence after death John Palmer  2. Presocratic accounts of perception and cognition Patricia Curd  3. Soul, perception and thought in the Hippocratic corpus Hynek Bartoš  4. Plato’s guide to living with your body Russell E. Jones and Patricia Marechal  5. Plato and the tripartition of soul Rachel Singpurwalla  6. Cosmic and human cognition in the Timaeus Gabor Betegh  7. The power of Aristotle’s hylomorphic approach Kelsey Ward and Ronald Polansky  8. Aristotle on the intellect and limits of natural science Christopher Frey  9. Aristotle on the cognition of time John Bowin  10. Aristotle on mind, perception, and body John E. Sisko  11. Rational impressions and the stoic philosophy of mind Vanessa de Harven  12. Mind in an atomistic world: Epicurus and the Epicurean tradition Francesca Masi and Francesco Verde  13. Galen's philosophy of mind R.J. Hankinson  14. Plotinus' theory of affection Ana Laura Edelhoff  15. Intellect in Alexander of Aphrodisias and John Philoponus: divine, human or both? Frans A.J. de Haas  Index


    John E. Sisko is Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Queens University of Charlotte, USA. He has published in ancient philosophy of mind and physics, including papers in Ancient Philosophy, Apeiron, Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie, Classical Quarterly, Mind, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, and Phronesis.

    Praise for The History of the Philosophy of Mind:

    'A monumental resource for anyone interested in the human mind and the history of philosophical attempts to understand it. Students who consult these volumes will appreciate the multiple branching paths that connect past philosophical writings to those of the present. The juxtapositions of topics and historical figures in each volume can help researchers in contemporary philosophy of mind identify precedents for contemporary positions.' - Susanna Siegel, Harvard University, USA

    'This six-volume history of the philosophy of mind is a compendious tour-de-force, tracing the sources of modern problems to a vibrant philosophical conversation ranging from antiquity to the present day. This is a special and uniquely wide-ranging resource for anyone, from the novice to the expert, with an interest in the nature of mind and its faculties, as well as its relation to the body and the physical world.' - Samuel Rickless, University of California San Diego, USA

    'These six volumes constitute an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the philosophy of mind and the history of philosophy – as well as metaphysics, psychology, and cognitive science – and I recommend them, with great enthusiasm, to all. Together they illuminate areas of inquiry that may be unfamiliar to contemporary philosophers of mind, and reveal unappreciated subtleties and continuities in theories of mind throughout the history of philosophy.' - Janet Levin, University of Southern California, USA

    'A comprehensive and illuminating guide to the history of Western theories of the mind, ranging over every aspect of the enduring philosophical debate, from consciousness to perception, and from will to the passions. These volumes collectively offer a state-of-the-art presentation of the field.' -