1st Edition

Philosophy of Psychology: Contemporary Readings

Edited By Jose Luis Bermudez Copyright 2006
    688 Pages
    by Routledge

    688 Pages
    by Routledge

    Philosophy of Psychology: Contemporary Readings is a comprehensive anthology that includes classic and contemporary readings from leading philosophers. Addressing in depth the major topics within philosophy of psychology, the editor has carefully selected articles under the following headings:

    • pictures of the mind
    • commonsense psychology
    • representation and cognitive architecture.

    Articles by the following philosophers are included: Blackburn, Churchland, Clark, Cummins, Dennett, Davidson, Fodor, Kitcher, Lewis, Lycan, McDowell, McLeod, Rey, Segal, Stich.

    Each section includes a helpful introduction by the editor which aims to guide the student gently into the topic. The book is highly accessible and provides a broad-ranging exploration of the subject, including discussion of the leading philosophers in the field. Ideal for any student of philosophy of psychology or philosophy of mind.

    Section 1: Pictures of the Mind  1a. The Autonomous Mind  1b. The Functional Mind  1c. The Representational Mind  1d. The Neurocomputational Mind  Section 2: Common-Sense Psychology  2a. Commonsense Psychology and Psychological Explanation  2b. How Should we think about Commonsense Psychology  Section 3: Representation and Cognitive Architecture  3a. Computational Models of Early Vision  3b. Connectionism, Classicism and Cognitive Architecture  3c. Conceptions of Modularity  3d. Tacit Knowledge  3e. Radical Alternatives 


    Jose Luis Bermudez

    'This is not metaphysics passed off as science. This is not psychology posing as philosophy. This really is a book about the philosophical problems encountered in psychology. Bermudez has found a highly enlightening way to taxonomize the issues, and he has put together a unique collection of papers illustrating the various types. The disagreements stand out clearly, so that students and their teachers alike will be provoked into taking sides.' - Christopher Gauker, University of Cincinnati, USA

    'This is a cleverly constructed reader that contains essential work from the most important philosophers of psychology of the last three decades. It is the ideal core reader for any course on the philosophy of psychology.' - Tony Stone, London South Bank University, UK