Phonetics in English Language Teaching  book cover
1st Edition

Phonetics in English Language Teaching

Edited By

Paul Carley

ISBN 9781138800953
Published December 23, 2015 by Routledge
2892 Pages

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Book Description

After a period during which pronunciation teaching has been somewhat out of favour in English Language Teaching (ELT), interest has revived in recent years. It is important, therefore, that sources are made available for applied linguists better to understand past approaches to pronunciation teaching. This new six-volume collection, co-published by Routledge and Editions Synapse, assembles all the key material in a one-stop reference resource. The collection gathers includes seminal texts by Harold Palmer, A. Lloyd James, and C. K. Ogden, and major works by Edmund Tilley, H. A. Harman, and J. D. O’Connor.

Table of Contents

Vol. I Harold Palmer

  1. Palmer, Harold E. (1915) What is Phonetics? An answer to this question in the form of 12 letters from a phonetician to a non-phonetic friend. London: International Phonetic Association.
  2. Palmer, Harold E. (1917) A First Course in English Phonetics. Cambridge: Heffer. 
  3. Palmer, Harold E. (1925) Concerning Pronunciation. Tokyo: Institute for Research in English Teaching.
  4. Palmer, H. E. (1925) Progressive Exercises in the English Phones. Tokyo: Institute for Research in English Teaching.
  5. Davies, H. H. (1929) The Mollusc. A comedy in three acts. Annotated phonetic edition with tone-marks by Dorothee Palmer. Cambridge: Heffer.

Vol. II Phonetic Texts

  1. True, E. T. and Jespersen, O. (1891) Spoken English: Everyday Talk with Phonetic Transcription. Leipzig: O. R. Reisland.
  2. Noel-Armfield, G. (1914) English Humour in Phonetic Transcript. Cambridge: Heffer.
  3. Armstrong, Lilias (1923) An English Phonetic Reader. London: University of London Press.
  4. Palmer, H. E. (1927) Some Specimens of English Phonetic Transcription. Tokyo: Institute for Research in English Teaching.
  5. Scott, N. C. (1942) English Conversations in Simplified Phonetic Transcription. Cambridge: Heffer.
  6. Anon. (n.d.) English Phonetic Reader. Printed for the Department of Phonetics, University College, London, for Private Circulation.
  7. Pring, J. & Germer, R. (1962) A New English Phonetic Reader. Dortmund: L. Lensing.
  8. A selection of English phonetic texts from Le Maître phonétique (Journal of the International Phonetic Association)

Vol. III C. K. Ogden’s Basic English

  1. Rantz, J (1936) Sounds and Forms of Basic English. London: Kegan Paul.

  3. Lloyd James, A (1937) Basic Phonetic Reader. London: Nelson.
  4. Lloyd James, A. (1932) Talks on English Speech: A Short Gramophone Course of English Pronunciation. London: Linguaphone Institute.
  5. Ogden, C. K. and Catford, J. C. (1950) Word-Stress and Sentence-Stress: A Practical and Theoretical Guide for Teachers of Basic English. London: Basic English Pub. Co.

Vol. IV Edmund Tilley and H. A. Harman

  1. Tilley, Edmund (1925) English Sound Lists for Near East Students. Constantinople: Robert College.
  2. Tilley, Edmund (1930) English Sound Drills. Cambridge: Heffer.
  3. Tilley, Edmund (1930) First Steps in English Conversation. Constantinople: Robert College.
  4. Harman, H A (1931) Sounds of English Speech. London: Longmans.
  5. Harman, H A (1933) English Pronunciation Exercises. London: Longmans.

Vol. V MacCarthy, Tibbitts, Kingdon, and selected articles from Le Maître phonétique

  1. Tibbitts, L (1946) A Phonetic Reader for Foreign Learners of English. Cambridge: Heffer.
  2. Tibbitts, L (1947/8) Pronunciation Difficulties: Corrective Treatment. English Language Teaching.
  3. Tibbitts, L. (1967) English Stress Patterns: Practice Material. Cambridge: Heffer.
  4. Kingdon, R (1955?) The Teaching of English Intonation. London: British Council. [reprinted from English Language Teaching vol. II nos 4, 5, 6 and vol. III no. 1 (1948)]
  5. MacCarthy, P. A. D. (1956) English Conversation Reader in Phonetic Transcription with Intonation Marks. London: Longmans.
  6. MacCarthy, P. A. D. (1965) Practice Book of English Speech. London: Oxford University Press.
  7. A selection of articles from Le Maître phonétique

Vol. VI J. D. O’Connor

  1. O’Connor, J. D. (1948) New Phonetic Readings from Modern English Literature. Berne: Francke.
  2. O’Connor, J. D. (1949) Teaching English Intonation. Copenhagen: Hirschsprung.
  3. O’Connor, J. D. (1954) A Course of English Pronunciation. London: BBC.
  4. O’Connor, J. D. (1956) Course of English Intonation. London: BBC.
  5. O’Connor, J. D. (1956) English Intonation Course. Stockholm: Radiotjanst.

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