1st Edition

Phonology A Cognitive View

By Jonathan Kaye Copyright 1989
    184 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Designed to acquaint the reader with the field of phonology -- the study of the systems of linguistically significant sounds -- this book begins with a brief introduction to linguistics and a discussion of phonology's place within that field. It then goes on to cover a variety of topics including the nature of phonological units, phonological rules, which types of phenomena interest phonologists, and the evolution of phonological theory.

    Suitable for many applications, this volume assumes no previous knowledge of linguistics. An excellent text for use in first or second year phonology courses, it will also be of value to those involved in cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and computer science.

    Contents: Introduction. Phonological Phenomena. The Search for Explanations. Beyond Tones: Extending Nonlinear Phonology. Current Phonological Research and Its Implications.


    Jonathan Kaye

    "...I think this is a good book that just about any reader will profit from reading, and one that I would recommend."
    Journal of Linguistics

    "...this is a useful and important book for phonology as a field, with the potential to affect the direction of phonological research....of great use to the practising phonologist in that it presents a lucid and current report on the status of research in the field....provides the reader with just enough background to understand the arguments and gets quickly into the issues which phonologists presently find of interest....Kaye is masterful at explaining why non-linear phonology is not just notationally different from linear theories and the reader gets a real sense of where phonological theory is heading....The book makes interesting, enjoyable reading."

    "...stimulates thinking about possible links between phonology and cognitive science."
    Contemporary Psychology