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Phosphorus Biogeochemistry of Sub-Tropical Ecosystems

ISBN 9781566703314
Published April 29, 1999 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Phosphorus is one of the major nutrients limiting the productivity of terrestrial, wetland and aquatic ecosystems. Over the last decade several research projects were conducted on Florida's ecosystems from state and federal agencies and private industry to address water quality issues, and to develop management practices to control nutrient loads.
Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Sub-Tropical Ecosystems is the first thorough study of the role of phosphorus in ecological health and water quality ever published. Because of its vast and extensively studied ecosystems, Florida has often served as a national laboratory on current and future trends in ecosystem management. The reader will find studies at all levels of biological organization, from the cellular to entire ecological communities. The book is a definitive study of the role and behavior of phosphorus deposition in the upland/wetland/aquatic environment.
The papers presented in this book are organized in specific groups: ecological analysis and global issues, biogeochemical transformations, biogeochemical responses, transport processes, phosphorus management, and synthesis. Although Florida's ecosystems are used as a case study, the results presented have global applications.

Table of Contents

Global Issues: Sources and Sinks
Global Issues of Phosphorus in Terrestrial Ecosystems - A.N. Sharpley
The Role of Wetlands in Storage, Release, and Cycling of Phosphorus on the Landscape: A 25 Year Retrospective - C.J. Richardson
Global Issues of Phosphorus in Aquatic Systems - P. Brezonik
Phosphorus in Florida's Environment: Analysis of Current Issues - K.R. Reddy, E. Lowe, and T. Fontaine
Introduction to Soils of Subtropical Florida - W.G. Harris and W. Hurt
Biogeochemical Transformations
Inorganic Forms of Phosphorus in Water, Soil and Sediments - D.A. Graetz
Phosphorus Sorption/Desorption Reactions on Soils and Sediments - D. Rhue and W.G. Harris
Forms of Organic Phosphorus in Water, soils, and Sediments - S. Newman and J.S. Robinson
Organic Phosphorus Mineralization in Soils and Sediments - R.G. Wetzal
Biogeochemical Responses
Influence of Phosphorus Loading on Microbial Processes in Soil and Water Column of Wetlands - K.R. Reddy and J.R. White
Effects of Phosphorus Enrichment on Structure and Function of Plant Communities in Florida Wetlands - S. Miao and W.F. DeBusk
Influence of Phosphorus Loading on Wetland Periphyton Assemblages: A Case Study from the Everglades - P. McCormick and L. Scinto
Assessing Nutrient Limitation and Trophic State in Florida Lakes - C.L. Schelske, F.J. Aldridge and W.F. Kenney
Transport Processes
Hydrologic Processes Influencing Phosphorus Transformations and Transport - K.L. Campbell and J.C. Capece
Transport of Phosphorus in Wetlands - R.H. Kadlec
Effects of Hydrodynamics on Phosphorus Dynamics - P. Sheng
Phosphorus Management
Phosphorus Management in Flatwood (Spodosols) Soils - A.B. Bottcher, T.K. Tremwel and K.L Campbell
Phosphorus Management in Organic (Histosols) Soils - F. Izuno and P.J. Whalen
Long-Term Water Quality Trends in the Everglades - W.W. Walker
Techniques for Optimizing Phosphorus Removal in Treatment Wetlands - T.A. DeBusk and F.E. Dierberg
Phosphorus Retention by the Everglades Nutrient Removal Project: An Everglades Stormwater Treatment Area - M.Z. Moustafa, S, Newman, T.D. Fontaine, M.J. Chimney, and T.C. Kosier
The Role of Phosphorus Reduction and Export in the Restoration of Lake Apopka - L.E. Battoe, M.F. Coveney, E.F. Lowe, and D.F. Stites
Phosphorus on Lake Okeechobee: Sources, sinks, and Strategies - A.D. Steinman, K.E. Havens, N.G. Aumen, R.T. James, K.R. Jin, J. Zhang, and B.H. Rosen
Phosphorus Loading and Surface Water Quality in Florida Bay - J.N. Boyer and R.D. Jones
Management Models to Evaluate Phosphorus Transport Form Watersheds - K.L. Campbell
Ecosystem Analysis of Phosphorus Impacts in South Florida - F. Sklar
Management Models to Evaluate Phosphorus Impacts on Wetlands - R.H. Kadlec and W.W. Walker
Management Models to Evaluate Phosphorus Loads In Lakes - S. Chapra and M. Auer
Policy Implications to Phosphorus Management in Florida Ecosystems - J. Brooks

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"…is the first thorough study of the role of phosphorous in ecological health and water quality ever published…because of its vast and extensively studied ecosystems…is a definitive study of the role and behavior of phosphorous deposition in the upland, wetland, and aquatic environment."
-Ann McCarley in Environmental Geology
"The presentation quality of the book is first-rate…I'm pleased to have this one on the shelf."
--Mark R. Walbridge, in Ecology, Vol. 81, No. 5
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