Phosphorus Management in Crop Production  book cover
1st Edition

Phosphorus Management in Crop Production

ISBN 9781032097138
Published June 30, 2021 by CRC Press
374 Pages

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Book Description

The world population is projected to reach nine billion by 2050, and in the coming years, global food demand is expected to increase by 50% or more. Higher crop productivity gains in the future will have to be achieved in developing countries through better natural resources management and crop improvement. After nitrogen, phosphorus (P) has more widespread influence on both natural and agricultural ecosystems than any other essential plant element. It has been estimated that 5.7 billion hectares of land worldwide contain insufficient amounts of available P for sustainable crop production, and P deficiency in crop plants is a widespread problem in various parts of the world. However, it has been estimated that worldwide minable P could last less than 40 years. For sustaining future food supplies, it is vital to enhance plant P use efficiency.

To bring the latest knowledge and research advances in efficient management of P for economically viable and environmentally beneficial crop production in sustainable agriculture, Phosphorus Management in Crop Production contains chapters covering functions and diagnostic techniques for P requirements in crop plants, P use efficiency and interactions with other nutrients in crop plants, management of P for optimal crop production and environmental quality, and basic principles and methodology regarding P nutrition in crop plants. The majority of research data included are derived from many years of field, greenhouse, and lab work, hence the information is practical in nature and will have a significant impact on efficient management of P-fertilizers to enhance P use efficiency, improve crop production, promote sustainable agriculture, and reduce P losses through eluviations, leaching, and erosion to minimize environmental degradation.

A comprehensive book that combines practical and applied information, Phosphorus Management in Crop Production is an excellent reference for students, professors, agricultural research scientists, food scientists, agricultural extension specialists, private consultants, fertilizer companies, and government agencies that deal with agricultural and environmental issues.

Table of Contents

World phosphate situation and factors affecting phosphorus availability to plants in soil
Historical overview
World phosphate rock reserves and resources
Mineralogy of phosphate rocks
Glossary of phosphorus related terms
Cycle in soil-plant system
Organic phosphorus in soils
Inorganic phosphorus in soils
Reactions of phosphorus fertilizers in soil
Evaluation and utilization of residual phosphorus in soils
Factors influencing phosphorus availability to plants

Functions of phosphorus in crop plants

Diagnostic techniques for phosphorus requirements in crop plants
Phosphorus deficiency, sufficiency and toxicity diagnostic techniques
Phosphorus concentration in plants
Phosphorus uptake in plants
Phosphorus harvest index
Phosphorus requirement of cereals
Phosphorus requirement of legumes

Phosphorus use efficiency in crop plants
Definition of mineral nutrient efficiency and nutrient efficient plants
Types of phosphorus use efficiency and mathematical equations for their calculation
Phosphorus use efficiency versus crop yield
Mechanisms responsible for variation in P use efficiency in crop plants
Breeding crop species/genotypes for improved phosphorus use efficiency
Enhancing phosphorus use efficiency in crop species/genotypes
Molecular and genetic approach to improve phosphorus use efficiency

Phosphorus interactions with other nutrients
Phosphorus interactions with macronutrients
Phosphorus versus micronutrients
Phosphorus versus soil salinity

Phosphorus and environment
Transport of phosphorus from agricultural lands to aquatic environment
Management practices to reduce phosphorus loss from soil-plant system

Management practices for optimizing phosphorus availability to crop plants
Soil management
Fertilizer management
Crop management

Phosphorus nutrition research in crop plants: basic principles and meyhodology
Research under controlled conditions
Research under field conditions

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