1st Edition

Phosphorus NMR in Biology

By C. Burt Copyright 1987
    244 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    NMR is a technique that can spoil you. It is true that it is not as sensitive as some of the spectroscopic methods, but the quality of the information and the incredible ease of sample preparation make it one of the tools that have opened new vistas in biological research. This volume is intended to show how those vistas can range from the molecule to the microbe to man himself. Further, it is what prompts the rather broad title.

    1. Phosphorus Compounds and Their 31 P Chemical Shifts 2. 31 P Nuclear Spin Relaxation 3. Solid State NMR Techniques 4. Polyphosphates 5. 31 P NMR and the Phospholipid Headgroups of Membranes 6. The Studies of 31P NMR of Nucleic Acids and Nucleic Acid complexes 7. Protein-phosphorus interactions 8 NMR of subcellular organelles � A Bioenergetic viewpoint


    C. Burt