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Photography, Place, Environment

About the Series

Photography, Place, Environment publishes original scholarship and critical thinking exploring ways in which photography contributes to, or challenges, narratives relating to geography, environment, landscape and place, historically and now.

International in scope, and innovatory in placing imagery as both the object and the method of enquiry, the series includes single-authored and edited volumes by new scholars as well as established names in the field. By critiquing relationships between land, aesthetics, culture and photography, the books in this series also foster debates on photographic methodologies, theory and practices.

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Landscapes between Then and Now Recent Histories in Southern African Photography, Performance and Video Art

Landscapes between Then and Now: Recent Histories in Southern African Photography, Performance and Video Art

1st Edition

By Nicola Brandt
January 23, 2020

In Landscapes Between Then and Now, Nicola Brandt examines the increasingly compelling and diverse cross-disciplinary work of photographers and artists made during the transition from apartheid to post-apartheid and into the contemporary era. By examining specific artworks made in South Africa, ...

Coal Cultures Picturing Mining Landscapes and Communities

Coal Cultures: Picturing Mining Landscapes and Communities

1st Edition

By Derrick Price
December 27, 2018

Coal is the commodity that powered the technologies that made the modern world. It also brought about unique communities marked by a high degree of social solidarity and self-help. Mining was central to working class life, drawing rural populations into industrial labour, but it often took place in...

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