1st Edition

Photosynthesis Regulation Under Varying Light Regimes

By V S R Das Copyright 2004

    The aim of this monograph is to highlight various mechanisms followed by plants to overcome the high light stress and photoinhibition, and also the plant responses to low light levels. Emphasis has been on the regulation of light harvesting process, the avoidance phenomena at leaf and chloroplast levels and the strategy followed by certa in solar tracking plants in maximizing the light interception without photoinhibitory damage, leading to improvement of diurnal photosynthetic rate. Plant adjustment to light variations over a long term, through the acclimation process brought about by changes in gene function and specific reconstruction of chloroplast has also been discussed. Although the emphasis has been on higher plant systems, green algae and cyanobacterial examples are used wherever appropriate. This book will be a useful reference to advanced postgraduate students, research scientists and teachers interested in the area of photosynthesis research.

    Light Interception
    Basics and Structural Aspects
    Light Harvesting
    Structure and Role of Antennae
    Composition of Photosystems
    Photosystem II: Composition and Structure
    Photosystem I: Structure and Organization
    Photoinhibition: Introduction
    Occurrence of Photoinhibition
    Photoinhibition of Photosystem II
    Degradation of D1 Protein
    Photoinhibition of PS I
    Photoprotection: Introduction
    Thermal Dissipation of Excitation Energy
    Xanthophyll Cycle
    Additional Electron Sinks
    Leaf Helitoropism
    Solar Tracking and Regulation of Light Harvesting
    Paraheliotropism and Significance
    Leaf Heliotropism and Photosystem II Efficiency
    Site of Perception and Mechanism of Leaf Movements
    Acclimation of Photosynthesis to Light Environment
    Acclimation to Irradiance Levels
    Acclimation in Mature Levels
    Acclimation to Changing Light Regime
    Transgenics and Biotechnological Approaches
    Photosystems: Reaction Centres
    Light Harvesting Antennae
    Functional Genomics of Plant Photosynthesis


    Das, V S R