1st Edition

Phunny Stuph Proofreading Exercises With a Sense of Humor (Grades 7-12)

By M. S. Samston Copyright 2005
    144 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Your students will really pay attention when you use Phunny Stuph. Jokes and humorous urban legends make up all 100 proofreading exercises in this useful book. Use the exercises as a class warm-up, or photocopy them to pass out to your students. The errors include a little bit of everything—missing punctuation, spelling mistakes, errors in usage, sentence fragments, and more. Each exercise includes teaching notes and an example showing possible corrections. Most of the exercises are short—just right for quick, frequent lessons that will really help your students improve their skills.

    Phunny Stuph helps students sharpen their skills at recognizing and correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and usage.

    Grades 7-12

    Alligators The Gift Free Haircut Grocery Game Dead Rooster Homework Excuse Hiccups Training the Cat At the End of Her Rope Kittens Putting on Shoes Grandma’s Visit Piranha Fertilizer Music Notes Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder Psychic Friends The Best Birthday Present Chickens at the Library Queen Size Chess Game Mad Cow Disease Feeding the Pigs Sharing Fussy Customer Tomatoes The Englishman The Policeman and the Penguin The Announcement Decisions, Decisions Hand Surgery The Optimist Three-Legged Chicken Huffy Snail Frog Loan Manners Pretzels Animal Crackers Chainsaw Watching Out for Bears Biscuit Bomb Dad and the Diaper Hard Workers Telling the Truth Tranquilized Cat On the Run from a Bear Grounding A Great Excuse The Imposter Zookeeper What Are Dogs Good For? Investment in the Future Coffee Break Plane Trip Babies The Magician and the Parrot Skydiver The Parking Ticket Respect Elephant Joke Advice from a Cow Thirsty Tourist Impressing the Clients Prison Jokes The Art Collector Washing the Dog Getting Ahead Vice Presidency Beware of Dog Johnny and the Elephants Elephant Protection Little Lily’s Goldfish The Money or the Daughter Floating a Loan Conversation with a Police Officer The Nobel Prize Catching Chickens Biology Test Expectant Fathers Chocolate Covered Peanuts 106 Japanese Banking Crisis Eating Caterpillars Frozen Turkeys Four Psychiatrists Listening to Father Grandma’s Home Emotional Extremes Trusted Employee The Old Man and the Drummers A Gift for the Teacher Boots Help Wanted Centipede Dead Dog Backseat Driver Police Training Hunting Ducks Turtle Hungry Roaches Poor Baby Bear


    M.S. Samston is a pseudonym for the writers who worked together to create Phunny Stuph and More AbraVocabra: Mary Gutting, Heather Madigan, Sara Parman Stimely, Samantha Prust, and Cheryl Miller Thurston.