1st Edition

Physical Agents in the Environment and Workplace Noise and Vibrations, Electromagnetic Fields and Ionizing Radiation

Edited By Gaetano Licitra, Giovanni d'Amore, Mauro Magnoni Copyright 2018
    310 Pages
    by CRC Press

    310 Pages 78 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book explores environmental physical agents and their potential effect on public and occupational health. It considers the theory, current research, and applications of physical agents including noise, ionizing radiation protection and non ionizing radiation protection, and explores the monitoring, measurement, modeling and mitigation of each of these.


    • Covers all three physical agents in one comprehensive book

    • Presents the latest results from research, as well as theory

    • Contributed to by a panel of international experts

    SECTION 1 Noise and Vibrations

    Gaetano Licitra

    1 Noise and Vibrations in the Environment

    Jose Louis Cueto, Guillaume Dutilleux, Luca Fredianelli, Lenzuni Paolo, Gaetano Licitra, Tønnes Ognedal and Diego Palazzuoli

    2 Industrial and Transport Infrastructure Noise

    Luca Fredianelli, Gaetano Licitra, Guillaume Dutilleux and Jose Louis Cueto

    3 Exposure to Noise at the Workplace

    Lenzuni Paolo and Tønnes Ognedal

    4 Exposure to Vibration at the Workplace

    Lenzuni Paolo and Tønnes Ognedal

    SECTION 2 Electromagnetic Fields

    Giovanni d’Amore

    5 Overview of the Basic Concepts of Electromagnetic Field Protection

    Giovanni d’Amore, Sara Adda and Laura Anglesio

    6 Biological Effects from Electromagnetic Field Exposure: The Experience of the European EFHRAN Project

    Paolo Ravazzani, Emma Chiaramello, Serena Fiocchi, James Grellier, Marta Parazzini, Aslak Harbo Poulsen, Joachim Schüz and Zenon Sienkiewicz

    7 LF Sources – Electromagnetic Field Exposure Assessment: Source Modelling and Theoretical Estimation of Exposure Levels

    Aldo Canova and Luca Giaccone

    8 RF Sources – Exposure Assessment of Mobile Phone Base Stations: 5th-Generation Wireless Communication Systems

    Giorgio Bertin, Enrico Buracchini and Paolo Gianola

    9 Electromagnetic Field Exposure Assessment in Workers and the General Public: Measurement Techniques and Experimental Dosimetry

    Peter Gajšek

    SECTION 3 Ionizing Radiation

    Mauro Magnoni

    10 Overview of the Basic Concepts of Radiation Protection

    Daniele Giuffrida

    11 Source of Radiation Exposure in the Workplace: Nuclear, Medical and Industrial Sources

    Daniele Giuffrida

    12 Environmental Radioactivity and Radioecology

    Mauro Magnoni

    13 Radon and NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

    Cristina Nuccetelli and Rosabianca Trevisi



    Gaetano Licitra is Coordinator of the Coastal Area of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Professor of Acoustics and Applied Acoustics at the University of Pisa, Italy.

    Giovanni d’Amore is Director of the Radiation Department of the Environmental Protection Agency of Piedmont Region, Italy.

    Mauro Magnoni is Head of the Ionizing Radiation Unit in the Radiation Department of the Environmental Protection Agency of Piedmont Region, Italy. He is also the President of Italian Radiation Protection Association.

    "Scientific and technical readers will benefit from this book. Further review of its three sections reveals how this will likely happen. Those spending time with the first section will gain an appreciation of the complex phenomena of
    noise and vibrations relative to living and working environments. The second section then provides fundamental principles of electromagnetic fieldprotection. The last three chapters discuss ionizing radiation."

    John T. Pierce, MBBS(MD) PhD (Navy Environmental Health Center)