1st Edition

Physical Chemistry of Biological Interfaces

Edited By Adam Baszkin, Willem Norde Copyright 2000

    An introduction to the most important fundamental concepts of physicochemical interface science and a description of experimental techniques and applications of surface science in relation to biological systems. It explores artificial assemblies of lipids, proteins and polysaccharides that perform novel functions that living systems cannot duplicate.

    Interfacial thermodynamics with special reference to biological systems; electrostatic and electrodynamic properties of biological interphases; interfacial interactions; proteins at solid surfaces; proteins at liquid interfaces; polysaccharides at interfaces; structure and properties of membranes; attempts to mimic biomembrane processes; self assemblies of phospholipids - models of biomembranes; biosimulation with liposomes and lipid monolayers; enzymatic reactions at the interfaces; mimicking physics of cell adhesion; physico-chemistry of microbial adhesion; cell-cell interactions; axisymmetric drop shape analysis; Brewster angle microscopy; ellipsometry; the application of neutron and X-ray specular reflection to proteins at interfaces; time-resolved fluorescence techniques applied to biological interfaces; circular dichroism of proteins in solution and at interfaces; infrared spectroscopy of biophysical monomolecular films at interfaces - theory and applications; fluorescence microscopy for studying biological model systems - phospholipid monolayers and chiral discrimination effects; scanning force microscopy in biology; cryo-transmission electron microscopy.


    Adam Baszkin, Willem Norde