1st Edition

Physical Chemistry

    592 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Textbook of Physical Chemistry, together with the companion books on organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, meets the complete requirements of undergraduate students of chemistry across India. In a book comprising all the classical topics which span physical chemistry including chemical kinetics, electrochemistry and thermodynamics among others, uniformity in the depth of coverage of each topic is not easy to attain in view of the disjointed pace of growth of each discipline. Nevertheless, care has been taken to ensure that the material in this book will sustain the interest of students and motivate them to learn physical chemistry.

    In order to aid students, every chapter contains the Objectives at the beginning and Key Points at the end. Various aspects of physical chemistry are dealt with in a lucid manner and interesting related matter is highlighted in boxes. The derivations are given in a comprehensible manner. Since physical chemistry involves numericals, several worked examples complement the text. The exercises at the end of each chapter, in particular, will be extremely valuable to sharpen the problem-solving skills and direct the student towards appreciating the nuances of physical chemistry.


    Sangaranarayanan\, M. V.; Mahadevan\, V.