1st Edition

Physical Metallurgy of Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloys

By Dmitry G. Eskin Copyright 2008
    328 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Pulling together information previously scattered throughout numerous research articles into one detailed resource, Physical Metallurgy of Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloys connects the fundamentals of structure formation during solidification with the practically observed structure and defect patterns in billets and ingots. The author examines the formation of a structure, properties, and defects in the as-cast material in tight correlation to the physical phenomena involved in the solidification and the process parameters.

    The book draws on the author’s advanced research to provide a unique application of physical metallurgy to direct chill (DC) casting technology. He examines structure and defect formation— including macrosegregation and hot tearing. Each technology-centered chapter provides historical background before reviewing current developments. The author supports his conclusions with computer simulation results that have been correlated with highly progressive experimental data. He presents a logical system of structure and defect formation based on the specific features of the DC casting process. He also demonstrates that the seemingly controversial results reported in literature are, in fact, caused by the different ratio of the same mechanisms.

    Compiling recent results and data, the book discusses the fundamentals of solidification together with metallurgical and technological aspects of DC casting. It gives new insight and perspective into DC casting research.

    Direct Chill Casting: Development of the Technology
    Solidification of Aluminum Alloys
    Effect of Cooling Rate and Melt Temperature on Solidification of Aluminum Alloys
    Microsegregation in Aluminum Alloys
    Solidification Reactions and Phase Composition
    Effect of Alloy Composition on Structure Formation: Grain Refinement
    Solidification Patterns and Structure Formation during Direct Chill Casting
    Shape and Dimensions of the Billet Sump
    Solidification Rate and Cooling Rate during DC Casting
    Effects of Process Parameters on the Formation of Grain Structure
    Effect of Process Parameters on the Amount of Nonequilibrium Eutectics
    Effect of Process Parameters and Alloy Composition on the Occurrence of Some Casting Defects
    Mechanisms of Macrosegregation
    Effects of Process Parameters on Macrosegregation during DC Casting
    Effect of Composition on Macrosegregation. Macrosegregation in Commercial Aluminum Alloys
    Hot Tearing
    Thermal Contraction during Solidification
    Mechanical Properties of Semi-Solid Alloys
    Mechanisms and Criteria for Hot Tearing
    Effects of Process Parameters on Hot Tearing during DC Casting
    Concluding Remarks


    Dmitry G. Eskin