1st Edition

Physical Methods for Microorganisms Detection

By W. H. Nelson Copyright 1991

    This volume presents detection and identification methods for bacteria and yeast. Chapters are written by expert laboratory practitioners and instrument makers and focuses on those methods that show widespread practical application, such as ATP luminescence. Food applications include rapid detection and quantitation of bacteria in raw milk, pasteurized milk, other dairy products, and raw meat. Other topics include brewing applications for beverages, starter culture monitoring, clinical analyses, blood and urine analysis procedures, analysis of aerosols, bioprocess safety, and biodeterioration. This book is a must for microbiologists in food quality labs and clinical labs.

    1. Bioluminescence in Clinical Microbiology Charles T. Gregg 2. Rapid Estimation of Microbial Numbers in Diary Products Using ATP Technology M.W. Griffiths 3. Rapid Food Microbiology- Application of Bioluminescence in the Dairy and Food Industry Ole Olsen 4. The Preparation and Properties of Immobilized Firefly Luciferase for Use in the Detection of Microorganisms M.F. Chaplin 5. Bioluminescence Applications in Brewing R. Miller 6. Rapid Enumeration of Airborne Micro-Organisms by Bioluminescent ATP Assay Jillian S. Deans, I.W. Stewart, and T.T. Salusbury 7. The Use of ATP Measurements in Biodeterioration Studies Brian J. McCarthy 8. Luminescence Instrumentation for Microbiology F. Berthold


    Nelson, W. H.