1st Edition

Physical Nonequilibrium in Soils
Modeling and Application

ISBN 9781575040493
Published June 1, 1998 by CRC Press
500 Pages

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Book Description

Physical Nonequilibrium in Soils provides cutting-edge knowledge on physical nonequilibrium phenomena in soils, offering unique insight into the complexity of our physical world. With 18 chapters comprising the book, topics cover

  • soil properties
  • fluid properties
  • mechanistic models
  • transfer function
  • geostatistics
  • fractal analysis
  • cellular-automation fluids
  • coupling of physical and chemical nonequilibrium models
  • confirming and quantifying physical nonequilibrium in soils
  • analytical solutions
  • field-scale research
  • environmental impacts.

  • Table of Contents

    Coupling Sorption Rate Heterogeneity and Physical Nonequilibrium in Soils, R.J. Wagenet and W. Chen
    Hydraulic and Physical Nonequilibrium Effects on Multiregion Flow, G.V. Wilson, J.P. Gwo, P.M. Jardine, and R.J. Luxmoore
    Multiprocess Nonequilibrium and Nonideal Transport of Solutes in Porous Media, M.L. Brusseau
    Coupling of Retention Approaches to Physical Nonequilibrium Models, L. Ma and H.M. Selim
    Analytical Solutions for Nonequilibrium Transport Models, F.J. Leij and N. Toride
    Use of Fractals to Describe Soil Structure, H.W.G. Booltink, J. Bouma, and P. Droogers
    Modeling the Impact of Preferential Flow on Nonpoint Source Pollution, N. Jarvis
    Modeling the Interaction between Leaching and Intraped Diffusion, T.M. Addiscott, A.C. Armstrong, and P.B. Leeds-Harrison
    Experimental Techniques for Confirming and Quantifying Physical Nonequilibrium Processes in Soils, P.M. Jardine, R. O'Brien, G.V. Wilson, and J.-P. Gwo
    Transport in Unsaturated Soil: Aggregates, Macropores, and Exchange, B.E. Clothier, I. Vogeler, S.R. Green, and D.R. Scotter
    Field Parameterization of the Mobile/Immobile Domain Model, D.B. Jaynes and R. Horton
    Transfer Function Approaches to Modeling Solute Transport in Soils, R.E. White, L.K. Heng, and R.B. Edis
    Field-Scale Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone: Experimental Observations and Interpretation, M. Flury, W.A. Jury, and E.J. Kladivko
    Density-Coupled Water Flow and Contaminant in Soils, R.S. Mansell, J.H. Dane, D. Shinde, and H.H. Liu
    Numerical Modeling of NAPL Dissolution Fingering in Porous Media, C.T. Miller, S.N. Gleyzer, and P.T. Imhoff
    Flow and Entrapment of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Heterogeneous Soil Formations, T.H. Illangasekare
    Strategies for Describing Preferential Flow: The Continuum Approach and Cellular-Automation Fluids, L. Di Pietro
    Using GIS and Geostatistics to Model Nonequilibrium Flow at a Farm Scale, A.S. Rogowski

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    H. Magdi Selim, Liwang Ma